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News - 29/10 10:30

Titan Life Grants, a great expression of solidarity from the Titan

For its next edition the Garmin Titan Desert presents its new Titan Life Grants with the aim of bringing the event closer to solidarity projects and offering Moroccan society models that can stimulate social development through sport.

These grants were started as part of the Titan Life programme and will consist of two free entries for the Garmin Titan Desert 2020 (excluding...

News - 15/10 10:30

15 editions, 15 moments to remember

For the last 15 years Morocco has been the real star of the Garmin Titan Desert. Fifteen editions that will go down in history for many reasons, some of them summarized below:

2006: The start of a great adventure

Juan Porcar signalled the start of the first Garmin Titan Desert. 143 adventurers took part along 281 kilometres over 4 stages. The first winners were...

News - 02/10 10:09

A Titan to create history

  The official presentation of the 15th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert marks the start of an event that celebrates this special milestone In 2020, the race will be held in Morocco from 19 to 24 April

 The 15th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert has been launched in the official presentation of the race to mark the start of the event that will take place in Morocco...


Before registering, take the time to read all about the prices, payment terms and instalments, and what is included in each fee.

You should also read our cancellation policy and find out more about our Money-back guarantee, which can only be purchased at the time of registration.

The Garmin Titan Desert remains committed to the people and environment of Morocco. It has therefore launched the TITAN LIFE campaign, which aims to implement action measures and raise awareness among the participants to ensure that the race is sustainable and respectful with the Moroccan environment.

Taking part in the Garmin Titan Desert involves taking a lot of factors into account. To make things as easy as possible, here is some useful information for preparing your trip and being part of one of the most exciting adventures that exist.

The passage of the race through the desert of Morocco leaves us amazing images every year. If you want to see some of the best moments of the last edition, click on this gallery.

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