News - 03/04 12:27

GPS Tips

If you are participating in the Garmin Titan Desert, you should already be aware that the use of GPS navigation is compulsory. These devices are every day more important and key to ensure the guaranty of the event we have on our hands.

Througout the 6 stages of the Garmin Titan Desert, all 675 participants are required to show not only their physical skills and mental...

News - 01/04 11:49

Towards a historic Titan

Just one month before the start of the Garmin Titan Desert, all the lights are green. Why? Well, apart from having many new features, this 14th edition stands out for a record number of participants, marked by the presence of great personalities and former glories of the world of cycling. All the ingredients are there to guarantee an awesome Titan.

The figures speak...

News - 14/03 17:22

Commitment to Morocco

For yet another year, the Garmin Titan Desert will put the Titan Life programme into operation. It is a plan to create awareness among participants about the need to respect the environment and the land of Morocco during the event, and also foster the development of the local community.

In this respect, Titan Life works under the “Zero Waste” principle, with...

News - 12/03 17:00

The race is sold out!

• 675 riders have entered the 14th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert, which is a 10% increase from last year.

• The organizers have closed registration to guarantee a first-class service to the participants.

The 14th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert is now sold out, three days prior to the close of registration (15 March), with the participation of...

News - 11/03 17:07

Staff to move mountains

124 members of staff, 213 local workers, 86 mechanics and assistance personnel, 26 trucks, 62 4x4 vehicles, 12 vans, 2 ambulances, 4 buses, 1 helicopter, 3 charter flights booked… These are some of the numbers behind an event like the Garmin Titan Desert.

With 675 participants in the middle of the desert, the organizational demands on a race like the Garmin Titan...

News - 04/03 12:07

The desert deserves to be cared for

Random controls will be conducted before the start of each of the six stages of the event. The Garmin Titan Desert protocol has a defined objective: make sure that the participants mark their race bib number on the packaging of the nutrition they will carry with them. Why? To facilitate the identification of the waste that will eventually be found along the race-route.


News - 04/03 09:18

Full speed in the Garmin Titan Desert

Former French rally driver François Delecour will be another of the familiar faces at the Garmin Titan Desert 2019. The former runner-up of the World Rally Championship in 1993 has confirmed his participation in the new edition of the most demanding MTB stage race in the world.

After retiring in 2002, Delecour reappeared 10 years later competing in the Monte Carlo...

News - 22/02 17:18

Safety above all

The safety of the cyclists is a key theme in the Garmin Titan Desert. Organizing a cycle race of 6 stages in the Moroccan desert involves a series of difficulties that require a major effort to minimize any possible incidents.

The organizational staff includes a sports safety coordinator and a medical coordinator who manage the 18 cars that carry out race control activities...

News - 19/02 11:00

A Garmin Titan Desert to promote sport, education and health in poor areas of Ethiopia

Pablo Llanes heads the ‘Holystic Pro África’ project, a collective effort to bring sport, education and health programmes to Ethiopia and Malaysia. Through the Garmin Titan Desert and his person-focused project Titan Pro África, he wants to disseminate the cause widely.

Pablo Llanes heads the ‘Holystic Pro África’ project in...

News - 15/02 17:22

The Garmin Titan Desert is news

The growth of the Garmin Titan Desert is not only seen in the number of participants in the race. The level of interest in the race increases year by year, and the Media have taken advantage to extend the coverage they give to the event.

In the 2018 edition the Garmin Titan Desert received 48 million hits and 28 million users on social media, plus 600,000 visits to its...