Your project should be clearly defined before you start casting your net for brands or businesses eager to sponsor your Titan Desert adventure. Why do you want to take part? What are your goals? What are the resources at your disposal? Write up a document with persuasive arguments that you can show to potential sponsors.

Prepare a budget

Once your project has been defined, it is time to set out your costs. Keep in mind that the some of the costs of the Titan Desert are mandatory (e.g. registration, bike transfer and the return trip) and others are optional (e.g. technical support, physiotherapy services and the photo/video package).

By this point, you should have a clear picture of what your budget is, what your financial resources are and how much you need to ask prospective sponsors for.

Draw up a list of potential sponsors

Rather than looking around wildly for sponsors, try to identify them in advance, with a focus on any personal or business contacts you may have. Remember that big businesses tend to be harder to reach, so concentrate on local brands or businesses that could be interested in your project.

Consider their fields of activity, why they may be interested, what arguments may pique their interest, their financial resources…

Put together an argument

A sporting angle is not always the most direct way to the heart of a brand or a business, especially if this is your first Titan Desert. Think of the potential media impact of your participation, especially in local media, and try to make potential sponsors understand how they can benefit from it. Look for local and regional media. Tell them your story and try to get media coverage of your participation that generates a return on investment.

Customise your presentations

Try to customise your presentations. They should be clear, persuasive and informative. They should share the dream of the Titan Desert and put forward a convincing project. Explain how they stand to benefit from your participation in the race and why they should sponsor you, your experience, your passion for adventure and mountain biking, the potential media impact, the kind of visibility the brand/business is going to get in the race (jersey, helmet…), and so on.

Last but not least…

Keep them updated on your achievements before, during and after the  Titan Desert and send them a report with photos, publications, videos, press articles on the race… In short, anything that reminds them that they have been part of one of the most thrilling adventures on Earth and that their support has been worth it.

The desert awaits. Good luck!

Download a template to make your presentation more attractive

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