The Titan Desert's social engagement remains as strong as ever. It has therefore launched the TITAN LIFE by KH7 campaign, which aims to take action and raise awareness among the participants to ensure that the race is sustainable and respectful with the environment.

Protecting the landscapes of the areas that the race crosses is a priority for the Titan Desert. The organisation collects and recycles all the waste of the five-day event both at the caravan camps and on the route of the Titan Desert. The same happens at Hydration Stations, where all bottles handed out to riders are collected.

Rules are in place to stop riders from polluting the course. Before the start of each stage, items such as bars and gels are labelled with each rider's race number, enabling the application of time penalties when someone breaks the rules.

"Join the TITAN LIFE by KH7 campaign and enjoy the Titan Desert experience"


The Titan Desert pledges not to produce waste on its visits to the various towns and cities where the race takes place.

This involves several measures:

  • A team responsible for cleaning up any waste left behind by the participants.
  • A littering ban with penalties for offenders: The rules include penalties for participants who engage in littering during the event. These provisions are enforced by requiring riders to mark their gels and bars with their race numbers.
  • A truck painted in Titan Life by KH7 livery in which all the waste collected at CPs and by the broom wagon is deposited.
  • Clean camps: Bins set up all over the camp. There will also be a three-person team in charge of running and cleaning up the camps.


Titan Life by KH7 grants, which aim to strengthen the ties between the  Titan Desert and charitable projects as well as to build models that promote social development through sport, are a new addition to the programme for this year.

Titan Life by KH7

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