COVID Guarantee

 Your registration for the Titan Desert 2021 is covered by our COVID Guarantee, which will help to put your mind at ease about participating in the race. Thanks to this COVID Guarantee, if the event is cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic, we will automatically maintain your race number for the new dates or the next edition. And, if for whatever reason you cannot take part on the new dates, you will be entitled to a refund.

In any event, the Race Organizer will follow the instructions given by the Moroccan and Spanish health authorities, as well as any measures considered appropriate to provide the best possible guarantees and ensure a Covid-free event. We guarantee you that, by going ahead with the event, we fully comply with government guidelines and laws regarding COVID-19.

During the planning of the event our team works closely with all stakeholders and suppliers to ensure security/safety and a higher standard of organization than that stipulated in the protocols. Our priority at all times is the health and safety of all participants, volunteers, staff and sponsors.

At the time of writing, we do not know what restrictions -if any- will be in force when the event takes place. However, as a general rule in our planning process we always prepare for the unexpected. This involves considering a series of measures that could be implemented to help participants, staff, support personnel, sponsors and volunteers to maintain social distancing during the event as much as possible.

These measures may include, for example, reducing the number of cyclists at each start, staggering the starting hours in blocks to create more space at the beginning of each stage and along the way, implement restrictions at the finishing area to help prevent large groups of people getting together, and improve hygiene measures at refreshment/hydration points.

There may also be other measures, such as a higher number of hand hygiene points and additional guidelines for participants and organisers, as well as the extension of shared areas, dining area, etc.

It is likely that the situation -and, therefore, the measures- will change over the coming weeks. Therefore, we will not announce the full details of all the measures until about 2/3 weeks before the event. However, we are working hard with all the experts and major stakeholders to guarantee the best possible security/safety.


There are innumerable possible individual cases related to COVID-19 that can affect a participant’s ability to take part in the event (e.g. quarantine, perimeter lockdowns, etc.). This, together with the changing situation of the pandemic and continuously updated medical advice, means that it is impossible to have a rule for each potential situation.

The COVID Guarantee is designed to be as fair as possible for everyone, while enabling us to organize the Titan Desert 2021 with maximum safety assurances at the same time. Therefore, if -due to individual circumstances- a cyclist cannot take part in the event, he/she must present evidence to this effect (e.g. a test result, track and trace test result, etc.) to benefit from the COVID Guarantee.

Below are some of the answers to the questions that are most likely to be asked:

 This is not currently recommended, although the situation may change. Furthermore, it is also possible that a facemask does not need to be worn while one is participating, although it should be put on immediately before (e.g. when lining up at the start) and/or immediately after crossing the finish line. We will comply with all legal requirements and follow the recommendations made by the health authorities if additional safety/security measures have to be applied.

 Participants must notify the Organizer at the earliest opportunity if they are unable to travel, attaching a copy of their Identity Card/Passport or other documentation certifying their residence in the confined locality. The Organizer will contact the participant in question once the event has finished and offer him/her the option of keeping the sum paid for future editions, or a refund if he/she has contracted the money-back guarantee.

 We will try to update them in the period prior to the event. Nevertheless, the definitive measures and advice will be notified 2/3 weeks before it takes place. Obviously, this could change, so it is important that you read all the emails we send you carefully. Make sure that you are receiving the emails and that they are not being diverted to Spam, or that you have not cancelled your subscription to our mailing list.

 If an entrant tests positive for COVID-19 and the compulsory quarantine period (15 days) does not finish before he/she travels to the event, he/she must send the Organizer the result of the positive PCR test to notify that he/she is unable to compete. The Organizer will contact the participant once the event has finished and offer him/her the option of keeping the sum paid for future editions, or a refund in the case of having contracted the money-back guarantee.

If, due to reasons beyond the control of the Organization of the event related to Covid-19, the event has to be cancelled, all entrants will be sent an email informing them of the cancellation. All entrants who do not want to move the register for the next edition should reply using a form where they will be offered the maintenance of their registration, keeping the sums paid for future editions or the refund of the registration and products.

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