The Titan Ebike is a new way to enter to the world of the Titan Desert. We propose to you to pedal 3 stages an electric bicycle in a non-competitive way through the most emblematic landscapes of Morocco. Iin total safety, guided by a member of the staff and a vehicle of the organization. In addition, you will become a part of the Titan community, discovering the life in the camps, sharing experiences with the competitors and lifting your fossil when you reach the finish line with your ebike.

¡Below you can check everything you need to know to live this adventure!

The Titan Ebike will take place from 10th to 16th of October 2021.

The 3 stages will be from October 13th to 15th of October, the same days as the last 3 stages of the Titan Desert 2021.

Enrollment limited to 30 places.

The price of the program is 1499€.

The rate includes:

• Enrollment in the program (with guide and assistance vehicle).
• Regular round trip flight. Departing from Barcelona or Madrid. *
• Airport / hotel transfers.
• 2 nights of hotel accommodation and two nights in camp haima (room and triple haima). **
• Diets throughout the program (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It does not include dinner on October 12th or lunch on Saturday October 16th, as well as any type of drink.
• 3 bottles of 1.5-liter of water to be given only at the camps departure and arrival (from October 13th to 15th).
• Geolocation device (SPOT)
• Welcome Pack and supporting material.
• Bicycle transport by land from Barcelona to Morocco (Round trip).
• Assembly / disassembly and mechanical assistance of the bicycle.
• Souvenir fossil.
• Transport of suitcases between camps.
• Travel insurance.
• Pack of photos.

* Possibility hiring a return charter for a price of € 525

** Possibility of hiring room supplement. Individual for a price of € 150 (only hotel nights)

Does not include:

• Transfer of the bicycle from your home to Barcelona and back.
• Extras in hotel rooms.
• Extra drinks
• GPS (they have to bring their own and the organization will provide them with the tracks).
• Physiotherapy assistance.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Flight to Morocco

• Regular flight Barcelona / Madrid towards Errachidia operated by Royal Air Marroc ** company.

Details Flight from Barcelona: 7:40 p.m. to 8:55 p.m. Flight BCN-Casablanca Stopover in Casablanca from 1.55 p.m. 10:50 p.m. to 1:05 a.m. Flight Casablanca-Errachidia

Details Flight from Madrid: 7:45 p.m. to 8:35 p.m. Flight Madrid-Casablanca Stopover in Casablanca from 2.15 p.m. 10:50 p.m. to 1:05 a.m. Flight Casablanca-Errachidia **

• Transfer to the hotel.
• Night in a 4 * hotel (triple room). *

* dinner not included. There will be a snack in the hotel room.

** We recommend bringing some dinner from Barcelona / Madrid since at the connecting airports (Casablanca) there is not a great offer of restaurants and arrival at the hotel is very late.

Wednesday October 13, 2021. Stage 1. Maadid - Erg Chebbi

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Collection of welcome pack and supporting material.
• Collection of the bicycle for assistance.
• Briefing of the 1st stage.
• Delivery of suitcases.
• Exit of the 1st stage.
• Arrival at the camp of the participants.
• Food at the camp.
• Briefing of the 2nd stage.
• Dinner at the camp.
• Night in camp (triple haima).

Thursday October 14, 2021. Stage 2. Erg Chebbi Loop

• Breakfast at the camp.
• Delivery of suitcases.
• Exit of the 2nd stage.
• Stop at the oasis, Pass Control to rest and eat.
• Arrival at the camp.
• Briefing of the 3rd stage.
• Dinner at the camp.
• Night in camp (triple haima).

Friday October 15, 2021. Stage 3. Erg Chebbi - Maadid

• Breakfast at the camp.
• Departure of the 3rd and last stage (before the participants).
• Stop at the first step control of the test.
• End of the stage at the finish line of the Titan Desert 2021 as the participants.
• Delivery of the bicycle to the assistance for disassembly.
• Food in hotel.
• Free afternoon (possibility to see the awards ceremony depending on the capacity).
• Dinner at the hotel.
• Night in a 4 * hotel (triple room).

Saturday October 16, 2021. Return flight Barcelona / Madrid

• Breakfast at the hotel.
• Transfer to the airport (Errachidia).
• Return to Barcelona / Madrid with a regular flight (stopover in Casablanca). *

* All those who have bought the charter for the return will return directly with the participants to Barcelona or Madrid

STAGE 1. 13 Oct 2021. Stage Maadid - Erg Chebbi

Distance: 74 km
Difficulty level: 4/5

Descriptive: We begin with the queen stage of our experience in Morocco. With a desert route, there will be some small ascents in very stony sections. After a quick outing along large slopes, oueds, sandy areas and large plains await us until we reach the foot of the Erg Chebbi dunes where the Titan Desert camp is located.

STAGE 2. 14 Oct 2021. Loop stage. Erg Chebbi

Distance: 50 km
Difficulty level: 2/5

Descriptive: This second day will be unforgettable. We will discover the Erg Chebbi dunes on our e - bikes and we will experience the passage of the Titan dunes first hand. In the first part of the route, we will approach the point where the titans begin the crossing of the dune chain. After returning on our steps, in a fast terrain except at some point where we will find very sandy areas, we will move to an oasis, in which the race will have a Passage Control installed. There we will recharge our forces and from there we will return again to the Titan camp. A day to discover the magic of the Titan Desert.

STAGE 3. 15 Oct 2021. Stage Erg Chebbi - Maadid

Distance: 44 km
Difficulty level: 3/5

Descriptive: This day is the great party of the Titans, its last stage. The route for the e - Bike Experience begins before departure, where we will go through the stage of the race until we reach the first Control Step. After the first competitors have passed, we will take a track that will lead us to a road. We will follow it to the town of Erfoud, which we will cross through its main street and from there quickly to the Xaluca hotel, where the goal and final podium are installed. The entrance for it will be the final point of these three days on our ebikes in Morocco.

On what dates does the Titan Ebike program take place?

The program runs for 3 days, from October 13 to 15. Participants must arrive in Morocco on October 12, the day before the start of the program, and return on October 16.

How do I travel to Morocco?

Enrollment in the Titan Ebike program includes the transfer to Morocco on a regular flight, with the possibility of a stopover, from Barcelona or Madrid. If you prefer, for the return you can travel by charter flight on October 16 (extra cost: € 525).
To travel to Morocco, each participant must be in possession of a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months after the race.

How do I transport my electric bike?

Titan Ebike participants have the same bike transfer options as Titan Desert participants. Check HERE for shipping options and dates.

How will I charge my bike's battery?

In the camp there will be an area enabled for recharging electric bikes that will be controlled by staff of the organization.
In Morocco the electrical current is 220V at 50 Hz, as in Spain, as well as the power outlet.

Should I bring an extra battery?

It is not mandatory, but you can take it if you wish.

Where do I sleep during the days of the program?

The 1st and 4th nights you sleep in a hotel in triple rooms * and the 2nd and 3rd nights you sleep in the same camp as the Titan Desert participants, in a triple tent. Both the hotel rooms and the haima will be shared with fellow Titan Ebike programmers.
You can check more details about the camps here.

* Or individual (extra cost of € 150).

If I participate in the e-bike program, do I enter the general classification of the Titan Desert?

No, the Titan Ebike program is not competitive so there is no rating.

How many km do we travel each day?

Between 45 and 75km daily.

Should I carry a GPS during the tour?

Yes, it is mandatory that all participants carry a GPS. Previously, the organization will provide you with the tracks of the route to download them on your device. These tracks may vary if the group guide so decides. Carrying the GPS is important to be able to be autonomous if necessary. In addition, the organization will provide all participants with a geolocator that they must return on arrival.

Should I bring water during the tour?

All participants must leave with a minimum of 1.5L of water that the organization will provide them at the start. As for the solid provisioning, the participants must be self-sufficient and decide what to bring.

What level must I be to participate in the Titan Ebike program?

Although it is not a competition and registration is open to all types of bicycle lovers, it is advisable to be in good physical shape and carry out a prior medical check-up (stress test). In addition, you have to have a good rhythm to ride for many km and be able to follow the group. It is compulsory to present a medical certificate, signed and stamped with a collegiate number to participate. Download document HERE

CANCELLATION POLICY (included in the registration)

• Cancellations made before 13/07/2021 at 00:00 will incur a processing fee of €120.
• Cancellations made from 13/07/2021 at 00:01h to 02/09/2021 at 00:00h will be charged at 50% of the registration fee paid to date.
• Any cancellation made after 02/09/2021 at 00:01h will not be entitled to any kind of reimbursement.
• Registrations are nominal, person and untransferable. Name changes are not permitted.


• Cancellations made before 06/08/2021 at 00:00h will not be charged, and the entrant will be refunded 100% of the registration fee for sums paid up to the time of cancellation.
• From 06/08/2021 at 00:01 to 02/09/2021 at 00:01h entrants will be refunded 50% of the sum of registration fees paid up to the time of cancellation.
• Registrations are nominal, person and untransferable. Name changes are not permitted.
• Any cancellation made after 02/09/2021 at 00:01h will not be entitled to any kind of reimbursement, except for the cases described below:
• Cancellations made between 1 and 15 days before the event due to reasons related to Covid-19 will be entitled to a refund of the registration fee and contracted products in which no expenses have been incurred by the organization, or alternatively the sum can be kept for future editions of the race. Cancellation insurance fee: €120

IMPORTANT: If you want to contract this insurance, it should be done at the time of registration. It cannot be contracted afterwards.


The organization of the event will always follow all indications set by the Moroccan and Spanish health authorities in addition to all those measures that are considered appropriate to safeguard the maximum guarantees to carry out a COVID-free event.

• What happens if the event is cancelled?

If, due to reasons beyond the control of the Organization of the event related to Covid-19, the event has to be cancelled, all entrants will be sent an email informing them of the cancellation. All entrants who do not want to move the register for the next edition should reply using a form where they will be offered the maintenance of their registration, keeping the sums paid for future editions or the refund of the registration and products.

• What happens if I test positive for Covid-19 between 1 and 15 days before the event?

If an entrant tests positive for Covid-19 and the compulsory quarantine period (15 days) does not finish before he/she travels to the event, the entrant should send the Organization the positive result of the PCR test to notify his/her inability to participate. The Organization will contact the participant after the event has finished and will offer him/her the option of keeping the sum paid for future editions, or a refund if he/she has taken out the cancellation insurance.

• What happens if the locality where I live is confined, or there are mobility problems, due to Covid-19?

The participant must notify the Organization of the impossibility of travelling as soon as possible, attaching a copy of his/her National Identity Card, Passport or other document certifying his/her residence in the confined locality. The Organization will contact the participant after the event has finished and will give him/her the option of keeping the sum for future editions or a refund if he/she has contracted the cancellation insurance.