226ERS will give energy to the Titans

February 11 th 2019 - 12:00

The leading sports nutrition brand 226ERS has become the new Official Sponsor of the Garmin Titan Desert for the next two editions, and it will supply top-quality products to the participants so that they can improve their performance in a high-resistance event like the Titan.

Under the agreement, refreshment points 2 and 3 in each stage will have 226ERS isotonic drinks, plus energy bars and gels at the start of each stage, giving competitors a boost in their food and drink intake during the race.

All 226ERS products are gluten-free, made almost completely from natural ingredients and components, with low sugar content (or no sugar at all) and certainly free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). They have been designed so that nothing can interfere with digestion and the correct absorption of all the nutrients.

The Spanish sports nutrition firm 226ERS owes its name to the sum of kilometres in the toughest resistance event in the world: Ironman. It refers to a lifestyle marked by a desire to go further and achieve targets that seemed impossible. Its entry into the Garmin Titan Desert represents a perfect alliance, bearing in mind the toughness of one of the most demanding mountain bike races in the world.



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