A Garmin Titan Desert to promote sport, education and health in poor areas of Ethiopia

February 19 th 2019 - 11:00

Pablo Llanes heads the ‘Holystic Pro África’ project, a collective effort to bring sport, education and health programmes to Ethiopia and Malaysia. Through the Garmin Titan Desert and his person-focused project Titan Pro África, he wants to disseminate the cause widely.

Pablo Llanes heads the ‘Holystic Pro África’ project in a collective effort to bring sport, education and health programmes to Ethiopia and Malaysia. Through the solidarity cycling team consisting of himself and Víctor Álvarez, Iñaki de Miguel, José Luis “Selu” Gómez, Misha Sekulova, Raul Calle and Carlos Prieto that will participate in the Garmin Titan Desert 2019, the aim is to publicize the ‘Holystic Pro África’ project. “The idea of a cycling event is to create and nurture a future cycling team in the region of Tigray, where we focus our efforts in northern Ethiopia”, the project director tells us.

Wukro, where the operations centre is based, is one of the poorest areas in northern Ethiopia. With the help of the Spanish missionary Ángel Olarán, already well-known for his projects for orphans in the region, and Pablo Llanes himself -who was the physio of Real Madrid and the Spanish basketball team- they set up the first physiotherapy clinic in the country. Over time, the project has grown, tennis and basketball schools have been opened and sports training and integration are provided.

“Every year in early December we make a trip to follow up our sports schools, and this year we will take advantage to carry out the second part of our challenge called ‘Titan Pro África’, a three-stage trip in the north of Ethiopia. The route, by bike, will pass through the localities of Mekelle - Wukro - Adigrat - Aksum”, says Pablo Llanes, who proudly adds that most of the material used for the route, such as cycling equipment and some bikes, will stay in the region for use there. “It is an outing with friends for charity purposes”, he explains.

The money collected during the Garmin Titan Desert will be used to fund the foundation’s tennis and basketball schools in northern Ethiopia, and also to cover the cost of materials and salaries of the foundation’s trainers in Africa and Malaysia. “After the solidarity challenge, in early June we will organise a two-day charity race for the benefit of the NGO based in Burgo de Osma, Soria”, says Pablo Llanes.

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