An excellent edition

July 19 th 2019 - 10:41

The 14th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert was rated 9 out of 10 by the competitors who took part in it. The cyclists highlight the quality of the services, both before and during the event, and the fourth and fifth stages were voted as the favourites of the peloton.

With an average score of 9 out of 10 and a satisfaction rating of 5 out of 5, the 2019 edition of the Garmin Titan Desert showed its level of excellence once again. A survey answered by a total of 240 participants (37.5%) allows us to draw conclusions on the cyclists’ profile and the quality of the services provided in the race.

At the organisation level, notices to entrants (score of 98%), the Participant’s Manual (97%) and the email attention service (90%) are the best rated aspects for before and during the race. Other things during the event: accommodation in the hotel at Erfoud and the restaurant service (both 94%) receive the best scores. As for services, those that received the highest scores were the service to participants (98%) and the medical service (97%).

Regarding the sporting aspects, stage controls (98%) and the GPS system (90%) were the points that received the best scores. As for the stages, the fourth, from Merzouga to M’cissi (96%) and the fifth, M’cissi to El Jorf (95%), were the ones that the participants liked most.

Titans in good form

The study also enables us to know more about the profile of the cyclists who participate in the event. Of the respondents to the survey, 62% combine mountain bike with road cycling, 8% with trail running, 7% with the triathlon and 5% with downhill skiing. Moreover, 49% carry out between 10 and 15 hours of physical activity per week, 27% between 5 and 10 hours and 18% between 15 and 20 hours. We would also highlight that 48% of participants take a stress test once a year, and 27% every two years.

Thanks to these good figures, the organisation of the Garmin Titan Desert is already working on improving things for the 2020 edition, which will take place between 19 and 24 April in Morocco.

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