Full speed in the Garmin Titan Desert

March 4 th 2019 - 09:18

Former French rally driver François Delecour will be another of the familiar faces at the Garmin Titan Desert 2019. The former runner-up of the World Rally Championship in 1993 has confirmed his participation in the new edition of the most demanding MTB stage race in the world.

After retiring in 2002, Delecour reappeared 10 years later competing in the Monte Carlo Rally, the first event of the world calendar, finishing in the sixth place in the general standings. After this return he participated of the European Championship in 2013 and abandoned the 2014 Monte Carlo Rally, to finally lift his hands from the wheel leaving behind a track record marked by the second place in the 1993 world championship and a total of 4 victories and 19 podiums.

With the end of his career as a professional rally driver, Delecour finds more time to train and ensures that he will be in shape for the Garmin Titan Desert. This adventure is in the French driver´s mind for a long time and, in 2019, he wants to take opportunity to prove that he is able to complete the 6 stages of the race.

Delecour´s participation in the Garmin Titan Desert is a great addition to the gallery of riders who took the challenge, such as Marc Coma, Juan Pedrero or Jaime Alguersuari.

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