The desert deserves to be cared for

March 4 th 2019 - 12:07

Random controls will be conducted before the start of each of the six stages of the event. The Garmin Titan Desert protocol has a defined objective: make sure that the participants mark their race bib number on the packaging of the nutrition they will carry with them. Why? To facilitate the identification of the waste that will eventually be found along the race-route.

One of the fundamental promises of the Garmin Titan Desert is to leave no trace of it having taken place in the Moroccan desert when the race is finished. It is one of the main commitments of the Titan Life programme, which assures that the North African adventure honours all of its obligations in terms of respecting the environment and the development of the local community.

In this context, the broom truck of the cycling caravan will be in charge of retrieving the sign boards that the organizers place to guide the riders and to collect the eventual discarded waste from the participants to identify and sanction those responsible.

This measure is one of the strictest of the event, as is the installation of more than 50 trash bins in the bivouac and the recruitment of a team of 10 people to pick up the waste. Furthermore, when it comes to health, the Titan Life program has already provided for nearly 1,600 hearing tests and more than 1,000 audiometry tests.

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