Summary - 15/10 14:26

Konny Looser and Ariadna Rodenas, 2021Titan Desert winners

The Swiss rider has proved to be the most consistent in the pack and, after taking the first stage together with the Skoda Challenge, had the race under absolute control Ariadna Rodenas is the big surprise of the race and wins the women’s class in her first Titan Desert appearance

Maadid, October 15, 2021. The names of Konny Looser and Ariadna Rodenas...

Summary - 14/10 15:26

Konny Looser makes a big step towards race victory as Silvia Roura clinches her first Titan Desert stage win

The Swiss rider overcomes his fears in the navigation stage, takes his second stage win and widens his gap as the race leader The 2020 Titan Series Saudi Arabia race winner and current second in the overall, Silvia Roura, sprints to stage victory ahead of Ramona Gabriel

Erg Chebbi, October 14, 2021. Konny Looser has shown once again that he is the strongest...

Summary - 13/10 16:05


Breakouts, navigation shortcuts and an amazing team work in 130 extremely tough kilometers boost Titan Desert rookie Miguel Muñoz to the stage win ahead of all Titan Desert big names . German cyclist Anna Jordens takes her first stage win in Titan Desert as the name of the women’s class race leader changes. Ariadna Rodenas is the new race leader as a result of a nightmare...

Summary - 12/10 15:18


The first leg of the marathon stage has taken place today. Cyclists must take with them everything they deemed necessary for today’s stage, the overnight -where they all share the only available and enormous haima- and tomorrow’s stage. To make things tougher, mechanics and physiotherapists are not allowed in the Tafraoute bivouac. Ramona Gabriel takes her second stage...

Summary - 11/10 16:26

Guillem Muñoz and Ariadna Rodenas prevail in the Titan Desert queen stage

“Titan Desert is a race that every cyclist has to do once in a lifetime. I’ve pursued this moment for a long time and here I am. This race is really hard but it’s worth it. I love it and sure I will be back”, Ariadna Rodenas said. Guillem Muñoz sprints to victory on a face-to-face finish against race leader Konny Looser.


Summary - 10/10 15:39

Konny Looser takes the first stage of 2021 Titan Desert

The Swiss cyclist sprints to victory in one of the most spectacular stages in Titan Desert’s history: “The landscapes today have been some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen”, he said. 100 kilometers with climbs, rivers, canyon passes… A tough stage that has put all riders to the test.

Juan Porcar, Titan Desert MTB marathon...

News - 03/06 10:55


• The brand-new program Titan Ebike will allow participants to take part in three stages of the race on an electric bike and in a non-competitive environment.

• Stages open to e-bikes will be #4, #5 and #6, scheduled from the 13th to the 15th of October.

• Participants in the Ebike program will experience the “Titan spirit” in the camps...

News - 16/04 11:00

The 16th edition of the Titan Desert is postponed until October following an increase in Covid-19 cases in Morocco

The 2021 edition will be held from 10-15 October, with the same format as previously announced.  An increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in Morocco has forced the postponement of the event.

The sixteenth edition of the Titan Desert will finally take place between 10-15 October 2021. A rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in Morocco, due to the British and South African...

News - 29/03 15:56

“I am a new person when I’m back home from Titan Desert”

Claudio Ferreiro has taken part in 12 editions (out of 15) of Titan Desert and he has been an amazing 6,968 kilometers on the bike. No need to say that he is a member of the “Titan Legend Platinum” club, only for riders with over 5,000 kilometers in Titan events worldwide.
Claudio will be the first of a series of interviews to Titan Legend riders (over 3,500...

News - 25/03 13:27

In less than two months’ time, a safe and Covid-free Titan Desert

A team from the Organization has visited Morocco on a reconnaissance trip to ensure that the race will be Covid-free For yet another year, the Titan Desert will have top-level riders such as Josep Betalú, Abraham Olano, David Arroyo, Sylvain Chavanel and the Olympic gold medallist Miguel Martínez More than 500 cyclists will live the adventure from 23 to 28 May. Registration...

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