A Titan to create history

October 2 nd 2019 - 10:09

  •   The official presentation of the 15th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert marks the start of an event that celebrates this special milestone
  • In 2020, the race will be held in Morocco from 19 to 24 April

 The 15th edition of the Garmin Titan Desert has been launched in the official presentation of the race to mark the start of the event that will take place in Morocco from 19 to 24 April in 2020.

After its debut in 2006, fifteen years later the Garmin Titan Desert is a reference event worldwide for mountain bike stage races. All the race numbers were sold out in the last two editions and major novelties are being prepared for 2020. These will be revealed over the coming weeks.

As for the route, it is still too early to reveal what awaits the riders, although race director Manuel Tajada drops a few hints: “This year, the race will have longer stages over more mountainous terrain, especially in the first part. The second half will take place in the desert, with some dune sections in which navigation will be the key. I am sure that we will enjoy some great mountain biking days”.

 Another thing to note are the different dates for the event: “For 2020 we have decided to bring the dates forward. The reason is that the long weekend of 1 May coincides with the celebration of Ramadan, and we thought that it was necessary to make this change out of respect and for the smooth operation of the race. We have tried to offset the effect as much as possible so as not to jeopardise the Titans”, says Félix Dot, the Director of the Garmin Titan Desert

After ending the 2019 edition with an average mark of 9/10 and a level of satisfaction of 5/5, the challenge for the Garmin Titan Desert now is to maintain the same level of excellence and keep its status as one of the hardest mountain bike stage races in the world.

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