We talk to the winners of the Titan Life by KH7 Grants

February 7 th 2020 - 10:30

• The “S-E-P Titan” and “Saca la lengua a la E.L.A.” projects were awarded the first Titan Life by KH7 Grants.
• Both projects were selected by a jury consisting of the CEO of RPM-MKTG, Jesús García, KH Lloreda President Josep Maria Lloreda, La Vanguardia journalist Sergio Heredia, Titan Legend Ramón Aranda and the ex-professional cyclist Joaquim ‘Purito’ Rodríguez

Jaume Rovira, the representative and public face of the S-E-P Titan project, told us that it was very important for him to win this award because it meant that he could give a higher profile to Asociación Alba and his cycling club, “Around 20 boys and girls with disabilities get together in the cycling club to enjoy what they like most, riding bikes. I think that it is important to give visibility to this kind of association, especially when they provide a service to such an unknown and large community”. Every year, Club Ciclista Alba proposes a route with different stages, but this year they did not have enough funds to do it, so Jaume decided to help them with this great gesture. “With the money from the grant, I was able to help the association to widen its range of capabilities and improve this year’s route a bit”.

Raúl Medina, one of the 18 participants in the “Saca la Lengua a la E.L.A” (stick your tongue out to MND) project says that it was a surprise, but above all a major recognition by the organization and the voters: “It’s an amazing prize for us”, Raúl says, “when we heard the news we all burst into tears. It is dedicated to our coach, who is suffering from the disease. Despite not being in great shape, he has always been positive about everything he does, and has been able to convey his positivity to all of us”. Eighteen participants in the Garmin Titan Desert are supporting the project, and “we are very motivated”, he adds.
Both projects are convinced that they will gain a lot of visibility thanks to their participation in the Titan Life by KH7 Grants. The desert will be the next challenge!

Club Ciclista Alba

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