Núria Espinosa: “Being a Legend is not just a man thing”

March 3 rd 2020 - 13:02

Being a Titan Legend is not easy; only those who overcome 3,500 kilometres in events with the Titan stamp can claim this distinction, and to date 69 people have achieved it. Among them, only 3 women have written their name in the most coveted book of the Titan.

Núria Espinosa, Carmenza Arroyabe and Rosa Alzamora have shown that being a Legend “is not just a man thing”, in the words of Núria Espinosa. She was the first woman to achieve the title and insists that “with the will and the desire, anything is possible”. She is looking forward to her next participation with this optimistic outlook, expecting that it will be “as hard as ever, but also as incredible”.

That is the Titan Spirit: the search for one’s own limits, overcoming them and showing that people are capable of whatever objective they set for themselves. Indeed, being a Legend is much more than a prize or a number of kilometres. It is about passion, surmounting difficulties, and love for the sport: “Overcoming suffering, the dunes and the weather conditions in each place is hard, but it can be done if you stick at it… well, just look at me!”, says Núria with a smile on her face.

She does not hide her joy at being a Legend, but says that “the first time I took part is my best memory. There weren’t many participants so I was able to enjoy the race. I did it on my own, but it is one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

In contrast, Carmenza Arroyave’s best memories are associated with “finding cyclists who are willing to help you every day, and meeting up every year with friends who become family". She says that she started in the Titan by chance, and now, after 6 editions, has learned to know herself better. "I now know my limits. The really important thing is to dream that you can do it and make it happen", she adds.

Espinosa, Alzamora and Arroyabe (who was not available for interview) make up the women’s podium in the Titan Legend chapter. They continue to pedal hard and clock up kilometres in the desert, turning their passion into an authentic lifestyle.

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