The 15th Titan Desert changes direction

September 18 th 2020 - 15:28

  • Enrolment will begin in 24 September, which is when we will reveal the key sporting and logistical information for this edition

The 15th edition of the Titan Desert changes scene to enjoy a safe, responsible race in a natural landscape that is worthy of such a special anniversary. After 14 editions in Morocco, the 15th anniversary of the race will be held in a new place, in Spain. A country where the prevention and testing systems for Covid-19 give us the guarantees we need and that combines the spectacular nature of a race such as the Titan with beautiful landscapes. The 15th Garmin Titan Desert will enable all participants to enjoy a unique experience. The route will allow them to take advantage of the work done in training and preparation in recent months, and to enjoy an edition that will be both different and special, where responsibility and safety will remain part of the Titan spirit.

The official presentation, on 24 September

The excitement we feel about discovering this new landscape motivates and enthuses us. A new desert, new spots… but the same spirit as before. That is why we are convinced that the 15th anniversary of the Titan will not disappoint anyone. Watch out for our channels on 24 September! On that date we will reveal the sporting and logistical novelties of the event, as well as details of a place that will delight anyone who rides through it.

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