The route of the Titan Desert 2020

September 24 th 2020 - 10:30

Five stages and 7,000 metres of elevation gain

The route of the Titan Desert 2020 is changing its surroundings, but not it its philosophy. The province of Almería will be home to 5 stages covering 400 kilometres and an elevation gain of 7,000 metres. Spectacular landscape and hard riding will continue to be the common denominator, particularly in the two days of mountain stages in the Sierra de Alhamilla, marked by large differences in height.

Scrutineering will take place on November 1st, and the five stages will be held between the 2nd and 6th with the usual incentives: sand, paths, ravines, mountains… and the classic Titan Spirit among the participants, helping each other through the stages in pursuit of the prized fossil that all finishers receive.

The stages in detail

1 November
Scrutineering and handover of material. Trade Fair and Congress Hall of Almería (El Toyo)

2 November
Stage 1. Almería (El Toyo) – Almería (El Toyo). 104 kilometres
Loop stage around the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata

3 November
Stage 2. Almería (El Toyo) – Tabernas. 63 km
Mountain stage along a linear route around the Sierra de la Alhamilla, with an intermediate stage in the locality of Níjar.

4 November
Stage 3: Tabernas - Tabernas. 89 km
Loop stage in the Natural Scenery of the Desert of Tabernas

5 November
Stage 4. Tabernas - Tabernas. 95 km
Loop stage, through ravines as far as the Karstic landscape in Yesos de Sorbas

6 November
Stage 5: Tabernas – Almería (El Toyo). 56 km
Straight-line stage crossing the military practice ground of the Spanish Foreign Legion in Viator, with the finish at the Sports Pavilion of El Toyo – Retamar.

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