“I am a new person when I’m back home from Titan Desert”

March 29 th 2021 - 15:56

Claudio Ferreiro has taken part in 12 editions (out of 15) of Titan Desert and he has been an amazing 6,968 kilometers on the bike. No need to say that he is a member of the “Titan Legend Platinum” club, only for riders with over 5,000 kilometers in Titan events worldwide.
Claudio will be the first of a series of interviews to Titan Legend riders (over 3,500 kilometers). We want to get to know them better, because we admire them and, of course, they deserve our recognition.

What does it mean to you being a Titan Legend rider?
"You are a member of a very exclusive club now", Juan Porcar said to me when I became a Titan Legend. It is a fantastic way to reward all my efforts. I am a 12-time Titan Desert finisher and there is no other way to achieve this but stealing part of the time you devote to family, work and friends. The recognition we get from the Titan Desert organizers is well appreciated.

As a Titan Legend rider, you profit from some exclusive advantages. That sounds good…
Yes, of course. Organizers treat us so well and we feel so comfortable that we start thinking about the next Titan Desert as soon as we are back home.

What would you say to somebody who is just 1,000 kms behind of becoming a Titan Legend?
Go for it! It is not just about the advantages you get when you are a Titan Legend rider, but the challenge you overcome. Titan Desert is a non-stop challenge, so I feel myself honored by being a Titan Legend rider.

You are a Titan Legend Platinum rider (over 5,000 kilometers) now. Do you wish to become a Titan Legend Diamond rider (10,000 kilometers)?
Of course, and any other Titan Legend category coming next, too...

What do you think about the “Legends’ Dinner” that takes place at the end of the penultimate stage of each race?
Very simple: there we are family. We share all the experiences and special situations we’ve lived in the desert but, even more important, there we are allowed to expose any ideas that could lead to improve Titan Desert. I truly appreciate that race organizers value what we think about the whole event.

The best friend you've ever made when in the desert is…
Friendship is one of the real values of Titan Desert. I’ve been blessed by being able to make long-lasting friends every year. When you are trying to deal with a critical situation, is when the strongest feelings emerge and then you make friends for life.

Any singular story you have lived in Titan Desert?
I have plenty of them! I will never forget when I was given an Ajram Bike (a fat bike) for my birthday in 2016 and I decided to use it for the first time in the upcoming Titan Desert. Big mistake, of course! Two hard mountain stages at the beginning of the race…mean not a good time if you are on a fat bike. But the day of dune crossings arrived and I started to overtake riders and riders and, in no time, I found myself alone. I was crossing the dunes without having to stop and walk! I had kind of a floating sensation in slow motion and I was superhappy. When I reached the stage first checkpoint, the people in charge of it shouted: “Go, go, the stage leader’s group is just 4 minutes ahead of you!” That was simply amazing. Even now when I remember that moment, my heart rate goes up! Moreover, I was also lucky because great Horacio Cabilla was right there and took one of the best photographs I will ever have of myself.

Rigid bike or bike with double suspension?
The double is the best bike to ride a Titan Desert race, but I undoubtedly prefer a fat bike. Titan Desert has a new dimension for me since I ride a fat bike. I cannot describe how I feel when I am surfing the dunes. You must experience it to really understand what I say.

Full navigation or tracks?
Navigation, for sure, and I believe that the race should evolve in this direction from now on.

Dunes or mountains?
I love dunes, but Titan Desert gives room to all kinds of landscapes: amazing lunar-looking mountain passes, awesome canyons, endless passages where temperatures reach 45ºC-48ºC and ouadis that leave you exhausted. That’s the reason why Titan Desert is so captivating.

Overnights in a camp or in a hotel?
A full Titan Desert sleeping every day in a hotel is nonsense. Titan Desert camps and Berber-style haimas mean adventure. The camp also allows all riders to share experiences one another, no matter if they are amateur or professional. Atmosphere in the camps is fantastic.

You say that Titan Desert plays the role of a “holy therapy” for you...
Yes, it is the week in the year when I literally empty my mind and I just surf, both mentally and on the bike. This week is as important for me as Christmas or Easter can be… I am a new person when I’m back home from Titan Desert.

You are considered a great fellow-rider by other riders. Which situation happens more times? You being helped… or you helping others?
In 2008 I heard about the “Titan spirit” and I had no idea of what it was. It just took me taking part in my first Titan Desert to realize. When you ride in the aft groups of the field, you find that everybody there is riding to survive. Becoming a Titan Desert finisher is the one and only goal, a shared dream by all riders. And I have also realized that helping others to fulfill their dream gives much more satisfaction to me than my own performance does. More than even if I had the chance to win this race, for sure.

Your Titan Desert-related best memories come from edition number….
All races have been special to me in some way. The curious thing is that once I cross the finish line, I promise myself not to come back again (laughs). My first participation in 2009 was the most shocking and captivating, of course, The runs in 2015 and 2019 were also very special to me, as we were able to gather together many members of our Titan Desert team: the Limoncello’s.

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