Konny Looser and Ariadna Rodenas, 2021Titan Desert winners

Garmin Titan Desert 2021 | Stage 6 | Erg Chebbi > Maadid
October 15 th 2021 - 14:26

  • The Swiss rider has proved to be the most consistent in the pack and, after taking the first stage together with the Skoda Challenge, had the race under absolute control
  • Ariadna Rodenas is the big surprise of the race and wins the women’s class in her first Titan Desert appearance

Maadid, October 15, 2021. The names of Konny Looser and Ariadna Rodenas can already be found in the Titan Desert golden book. Both newcomers have won one of the most complete and tough editions in the history of this stage race. Their success came after 640 kilometers in mountains, dunes, rivers, sand, stones and idyllic landscapes. This has been the race course that 423 riders started six days ago in one of the sports experiences that they will remember for a lifetime. This is Titan Desert. Much more than a single race. A great adventure on a mountain-bike that seduces everyone who tries it.

Looser and Rodenas have been the fastest in the field but they are not the only winners of this race. In Titan Desert all titans who cross the finish line and get the finisher fossil are considered as winners of this challenge. Today, as happy was the first as the last classified rider. All finishers had overcome their biggest challenge ever.

Looser, to arrive and win

Konny Looser had no previous experience in navigation on a mountain-bike and this is one of the main features of Titan Desert. However, the Swiss was considered as one of the main contenders for this year’s title. The Stoll Racing rider soon showed everybody that he arrived in Titan Desert in a very good shape. This fact, together with the mechanical issues that Josep Betalú had in stage 1, was enough to bulid up a gap that he has been able to defend day after day.

Konny Looser: “I am very happy. This race is a fantastic adventure. I have loved that, and also the coexistence in the camps and everything that surrounds Titan Desert, a benchmark when it takes to talk about MTB marathon races. I feel very excited for this win, It is not easy for a Swiss rider like me to land in Morocco and face a race like this. That’s why I feel specially happy today. The race is very well organized and when you see everything that lies behind what you watch on television at home it’s simply amazing. All stages have been extremely well designed and the whole race course is simply unbeatable, I think. Mountains at the beginning and then the desert for a finish. I can’t tell you which one I prefer! If my season calendar allows me to, I will be back next year, for sure.”

Ródenas equals Looser: first race, first win

The European ultramarathon champion, Ariadna Rodenas, has raced Titan Desert for the first time. “This is a race that every single cycling lover should race one in a lifetime”, said the rider from Elche, Spain. She has took victory thanks to her persistence and a mistake-free race. Last stage was a little bit of a thriller because she was left behind by Silvia Roura and Sara Gay, but her 34-minute gap in the overall standings was wide enough to stay cool and clinch the race win.

“This is overwhelming. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I like this race and I was convinced that I could do well if I tried”, said the 2021 Titan Desert winner. “This race has nothing to do with the rest of MTB races I know. The race course, the Titan spirit that you can feel in the bivouacs, being here and having breakfast and dinner all together and sleeping in the haimas. You manage to isolate yourself from the world and thus you can feel this race in a very different way compared to all others”.

Roura and Betalu win stage #6

Today, second stage victory for Silvia Roura, assisted for young ace Josep Termens, and following her stage win yesterday. The Spaniard thus secures second place in the overall standings.

In the men’s class, second stage win for 4-time Titan Desert race winner Josep Betalú.
Two long-distance trailrunners, Núria Picas and Pau Bartoló, have clinched victory in the Mixed Duo class, as Gobik Factory Team 1 tops the teams standings.

The 17th Titan Desert starts right now

The 2022 Titan Desert will take place in Morocco from the 8th to the 13th May, 2022. Registration will open next Monday (October 18) and early birds will profit from a very special entry price.

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