The ŠKODA Adventure class to put the most self-sufficient riders to the test

March 3 rd 2021 - 11:39

• Participants in this class are not allowed to profit from any kind of mechanical assistance nor physiotherapy service during the whole race.
• They will have to put everything they intend to use during all stages inside a single box provided by the event organizer.
• Self-sufficiency and self-improvement are key in this class, a major challenge for all true adventure lovers.

More than 600 kilometers of race course and 7,000 meters of elevation gain in six stages of mountain-biking through the desert of Morocco. The 2021 Titan Desert taking place on 10-15 October is a major challenge in itself. But, for those who are looking for an even greater degree of adventure, a true experience able to put self-sufficiency and self-improvement to the test, the new goal is called ŠKODA Adventure class.

In fact, these are the values that have led ŠKODA to give its name to this brand-new race class. The Czech brand, Titan Desert Premium Sponsor, was fed with these principles at the very beginning, when founders Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement decided, at the end of the 19th century, lo launch a bicycle company with the most valuable resource they had: imagination.

“The ŠKODA Adventure class remains a true reflection of the values of our brand, whose motto is ‘Always Move’, that is, not to give up despite the difficulties that may exist along the way”, Miguel Piwko, ŠKODA Marketing Director in Spain, says.

The ŠKODA Adventure class will not reward the riders with more muscular power nor those on the lightest bike, but those who best know how to adapt to race conditions, how to take care of themselves at each stage and how to take proper care of the bike.
With no access to mechanical nor physiotherapy service along the whole race, these riders must manage their own forces better than anyone else. In fact, they will not profit from the triple and comfortable haimas to sleep in at night. They will only have a single rest area to be shared by all of them -with no mattresses nor blankets available- and a single designated marquee for bike repairs.

In addition, all ŠKODA Adventure class riders will have to include everything they intend to use during the race inside a single and special box. This box will be the only piece of baggage that organizers will carry from camp to camp. This means that ŠKODA Adventure class riders will have to think more than twice about every little thing -apparel, spare parts and supplementary equipment- that they may need during the race.

The new ŠKODA Adventure class will allow a máximum of 60 riders for the 2021 Titan Desert. This figure is expected to raise in upcoming editions.

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