June 3 rd 2021 - 10:55

• The brand-new program Titan Ebike will allow participants to take part in three stages of the race on an electric bike and in a non-competitive environment.

• Stages open to e-bikes will be #4, #5 and #6, scheduled from the 13th to the 15th of October.

• Participants in the Ebike program will experience the “Titan spirit” in the camps and will share spaces with all Titan Desert racers.

The 16th Titan Desert will feature electric bikes for the first time. In a non-competitive environment, those enrolled in this program will be allowed to take part in three stages of the race and will ride parallel to the official race.
Ebikers will have the chance to know the fantastic landscapes in the Moroccan desert and will be accompanied, at all times, by a member of the Titan Desert staff on an official race organization vehicle.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to experience, from another point of view, the renowned “Titan spirit” in the camps and everything that makes Titan Desert a unique adventure. Participation in the 2021 Ebike program will be limited to 30 riders.

Ebikers will have the chance to perform the last three stages of the 2021 Titan Desert. On the 13th of October, they will ride a 74km-long course between the town of Maadid and the famous Erg Chebbi. All riders will enter the Moroccan desert and will cross ouadis, sandy areas and stony sections to finish the stage at the foot of the emblematic and majestic Erg Chebbi dunes, the breathtaking scenario that will host one of the nomadic camps of the 2021 Titan Desert.

After sharing the Berber haimas with all the participants, the second stage will be a 50km-loop stage with departure and arrival in the Erg Chebbi. A spectacular stage featuring amazing landscapes that ebikers will never forget. The dunes will exhibit their beauty in all its splendour, from the point where Titan Desert adventure lovers begin the dune crossing of the day. Ebikers will continue through fast sections –with the exception of some soft sandy areas- and will stop at an oasis with the stage checkpoint. Time to rest for a while before returning to the camp.

The third and last stage of the Ebike program on the 15th of October will be a 44km-long stage between Erg Chebbi and back to Maadid, the day when the 16th Titan Desert will also come to an end. Ebikers will take the start sooner than all Titan Desert racers and will have the chance to see them cross the stage first checkpoint. Then they will ride to the town of Erfoud and the Xaluca Hotel in Maadid, the finish line of the 2021 Titan Desert.

Titan Ebike is born to give the opportunity to ebikers to get to know some of the beautiful landscapes in Morocco and the Titan spirit as well. A unique experience in the desert that fascinates the world. Sleeping in a Berber haima, sharing spaces with Titan Desert participants, following the race from privileged spots and, of course, feeling themselves as a kind of a Titan Desert finisher, once they are given the fossil right on the race official finish line. A memory for a lifetime.

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