News - 18/12 16:22

The Garmin Titan Desert flies with Air Europa

The Garmin Titan Desert has renewed its contracts with Air Europa and Globalia Meetings & Events so that the airline can be the official brand of the event for another year.

The agreement will allow the race organizers to have three direct charter flights: two between Barcelona and Errachidia and one Madrid-Errachidia, operated by Air Europa.

This means that...

News - 26/11 17:27

Titan Life

The Garmin Titan Desert is running the Titan Life programme for the second year. It aims to make competitors aware of the importance of protecting the environment and landscapes of Morocco during the race, as well as supporting the development of local communities.

Titan Life takes a zero-waste approach, rolling out actions such as setting up more than 50 recycling...

News - 26/11 17:24

A day of Legend

40 people took part in "A day of legend", an event that was held for the first time at the Montanyà Hotel (Montseny) and paid tribute to all the riders who have covered 3,500 or 5,000 kilometres in the Garmin Titan Desert.

It started with a welcome breakfast at the hotel, where participants filled their tanks ahead of the 35 km course of the day....

News - 26/11 14:58

An epic adventure

The 2019 Garmin Titan Desert reconnaissance team has already finalised the six stages of the race, which will take place in Morocco from 28 April to 3 May.

As an overview, the 14th edition of the North African adventure will run for more than 600 kilometres, including long desert sections, numerous dunes and plenty of tracks. It is an original and varied...

News - 21/11 12:43

Last 50 First Price bibs

Garmin Titan Desert 2019 bib numbers are selling out quickly, already 350 bikes have already registered themselves to join the race. Thus, only 50 bibs are left of the First Price fee (2,095€). Once we reach the number of 400 registrations, the Second Price rate (2,295€) will be set down.

This year’s edition success has proven to be even greater than in...

News - 13/11 21:10


As the days go by, fatigue starts to show itself due to the large quantity of kilometres accumulated and tough decisions that have to be taken on-road. By the way, today was a cold day in the mountains around the area of Erfoud.

A new day has started. We’ve left Merzouga, crossing through ”chotts” (i.e. dry lakes) and linking paths  to complete the...

News - 12/11 20:56


4th day working on-site and we’ve almost done 1000 kilometres out of the track of the 3 desert stages of this edition of the GARMIN Titan Desert 2019.

The 2nd part of marathon stage will be epic; the dunes, the hills and the canyons that we will ride through through as well as its unique length of the stage, will make it an unique experience for all. A key stage...

News - 11/11 20:30


Recce trip is going on and although the years we have spent in Morocco, we follow discovering new and amazing tracks in the Desert of the country.

Today has been a day in which have driven into a maze of pistes. An área where we have spent several hours to ride the best route of the second aprt of the marathon stage.

It will be awesome, no doubt, about 20...

News - 10/11 20:31


Second day and very productive, more than 8 hours of road books and GPS to complete the first stage and design the whole of the second stage.

In the first part of the marathon stahe, the riders will tackle fast tracks, sand rivers, dry lakes plenty of dust and also big dunes.

It will be a diverse stage which will finish next to a new erg of dunes in an amazing landscape...

News - 09/11 22:06


After a long trip from Melilla and Barcelona, yesterday the recce team join together in Erfoud, to work the next 10 days in the race roads of Titan.

Today the journay stated with a road section to the dunes of Merzouga which will be the main carácter of the first stage. The day spent on sand drivers, dunes and fast tracks for almost 100 kilometers that we will have...

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