Before registering, take the time to read all about the prices, payment terms and instalments, and what is included in each fee.

You should also read our cancellation policy and find out more about our Money-back guarantee, which can only be purchased at the time of registration.

We inform you that we have reached the Sold Out. You can request access to the waiting list to cover possible losses.

You first need to register on Time To to create a user profile so you can access your profile whenever you want to add or change your details. You will also be able to pay instalments and buys other products (flights, bike transporation, etc.).

If you took part in the Garmin Titan Desert 2019 or in an A.S.O. event and you have created a profile on Time To, you can access the platform with your credentials: https://www.timeto.com/es-ES/signin

Note: All payments are to be made by credit card.

You will find two types of registration:
· One payment only
· Payment by instalments

Participants born between 1998 and 2004 will have access to the Sub23 price in one payment only or payment by instalments.

If you have access to a loyalty discount, you must ask for your code on the following email info@titandesert.com. It doesn't apply to the special price (first 150 participants) nor to the Sub23 price.

If you have a code from an official store, enter it when registering. Not applicable to the special rate (the first 150 registered participants)


FIRST RATE 2.145,00€ (Registers from 151 to 400 or until 20/12/2019)
SECOND RATE 2.395,00€ (Registers from 401 to 600 or until 21/02/2020)
THIRD RATE 2.695,00€ (Registers from 601 to 700 or until 06/03/2020)
SPECIAL “SUB23” RATE 1,895€ (born between 1998 and 2004)

 *These registration fees do not include VAT. For billing purposes, in accordance with current Spanish tax legislation (Law 37/1992, art. 69. s. 1, no. 1 / art. 70 s. 1, no. 7c), registration in the race by legal persons or professionals in Spain is subject to VAT. Therefore, 21% VAT (payable by the company) will be added to the fee in such cases. Registration by natural persons (i.e. private individuals) is exempt from VAT in accordance with the aforementioned law. Invoices issued to people who have registered this way are exempt from VAT.


  • Race registration.
  • Transportation of the bicycle by land from Barcelona to Morocco (return trip).
  • Full-board accommodation for seven nights (excluding breakfast on Novemver 1 and lunch on November 8).
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical and nursing services
  • Timing
  • Geolocation device rental
  • Drinks during the race
  • Transportation of luggage from camp to camp
  • 20 1.5-litre water bottles outside the race (November 2nd to 7th)


  • Travel to Morocco
  • Transport of your bike from your home to Barcelona
  • Extras in hotel rooms
  • Additional drinks
  • Mechanical support and physical therapy

LOYALTY DISCOUNTS* (participation in previous editions of the Titan Desert and/or Titan Tropic required)

- €100 for riders who have raced in one previous edition.
- €150 for riders who have raced in two previous editions.
- €200 for riders who have raced in three or more previous editions.

Special TITAN LEGEND discount until 20/12/2019. Contact info@titandesert.com. 
*Discounts not applicable to special rates (150 first riders and SUB23). These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

To benefit from a loyalty discount, you must ask for your discount code to the email info@titandesert.com.This is applied in the 1st payment at the time of registration or in the following installment payments. So you can request the code before registration or once you have registered.

"SPECIAL" RATE (first 150 riders): €1,895

€395 at the time of registration for RESERVATION.
€500 before 15 September 2019.
€500 before 20 December 2019.
€500 before 6 March 2020.

1st RATE (from 151 to 400 or until 20/12/2019): €2,145
- €1,145 at the time of registration
- €500 before 20 December 2019
- €500 before 6 March 2020

2nd RATE (from 401 to 600 or until 21/02/2020): €2,395
- €1.395 at the time of registration
- €500 before 20 December 2019
- 500€ before 6 March 2020

*From 20/12/2019, only 2 instalments:
- €1,895€ at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020

3rd RATE (from 601 to 700 or until 06/03/2020): €2,695
Only 2 instalments:
- €2,195 at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020

SPECIAL “SUB23” RATE (born between 1998 and 2004): €1,895
Payment dates:
- €895 at the time of registration to RESERVE A PLACE.
- €500 before 20 December 2019. 
- €500 before 6 March 2020.

*From 20/12/19, only 2 instalments:
- €1,395 at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020


·          The registration fee can be paid in instalments (no extra charges or commissions) or in one lump sum.

·         Late payment can be grounds for cancellation of the registration.

 To complete the registration, each participant will have to download a scanned copy of his/her passport as well as a medical certificate (a template can be downloaded here). Both documents must be uploaded to the TIME TO online profile here before registration closes on 6 March 2020.


  • Money-back guarantee (€100): The guarantee can only be purchased AT THE SAME TIME as registration.
  • Extra services purchased after registration must be paid when booking them.

• Cancellation after registration closes (06/03/2020 from 15:01) will not give rise to a refund.

The organisation is aware of the concerns of participants. Riders can therefore purchase a money-back guarantee that will refund their registration fees if they are unable to start the race. The return guarantee covers the registration fee, but not the products purchased. The guarantee must be purchased at the time of registration by selecting this option from the form and paying using the virtual POS.

Due to the new dates, the return guarantee has been adapted for all those who hired it.
Any cancellation, with a return guarantee, produced before September 25 will be entitled to a refund of 100% of the registration fee paid.

All groups involved in the Garmin Titan Desert (participants, assistance crews, family members, press and staff) are covered by travel and accident insurance:

  • Travel and accident insurance: The duration of this policy is for the whole race. Before the event, we will send the schedule of the policy, as well as two expansion options for those who wish to expand their coverage. All participants will receive a memo with this information, which should be read carefully.

On the other hand, the bicycles of the participants that will travel from Barcelona to Morocco in the logistics trucks are covered by transportation insurance:

  • Freight insurance: this insurance includes all the materials transported by our trucks, including the bicycles of the participants. The policy only covers the contents of the trucks in case of accident or theft and according to their declared value.
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