Represent your city, town or village in this category, consisting of teams with two participants.

The Ambassadors has its own classification and specific set of rules in the race.

The teams in the Ambassador classification will have a high profile* (coat of arms or logo of the city/town/village, team name and the names of the participants) on our website in the AMBASSADOR CLASSIFICATION section.

*To appear in this section, you need to send all the documentation requested and the logo or the coat of arms of your city/town/village in PDF to info@titandesert.com

During the race, in each stage/bivouac a panel containing the coats of arms/logo will be displayed with the names of the Ambassador teams, highlighting the first 3 teams in the classification.
During the prizegiving ceremony an Ambassador podium will be formed, and the winning team will receive a trophy accrediting it as the winner.

After the race is over, the organization will send the municipality or institution a token to thank it for its support of the Ambassador team.

The participants in this modality must have been registered as residents in the locality they are representing for a minimum of one year (they should present their registration certificate, showing the date it was issued).

One of the features of the classification is that the twosome should ride together, with a maximum permitted time of 1 minute between them at the checkpoints and the finish line in each stage.

Fill in your individual enrolment form and choose the AMBASSADOR classification in the categories drop-down list.

To formalise your enrolment as an Ambassador, you should provide the organization with the documentation indicated above.


Present your idea to your local authorities and tell them about all the benefits they will gain through your participation in the Titan Desert 2020.

If you need more information on the classification and want to download the ‘standard’ presentation to present it to your city/town/village, contact to info@titandesert.com

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