Involve your company in your participation through the Corporate Category. This category is open to any company interested in having a team of its employees in the race. The teams are made up of two cyclists. All the team members must provide evidence that they are employees of the company they are representing. Participants must present a document that states that the employees have been in the company for a minimum of one year. They may not be self-employed, or have other relations with the company that are not on the payroll (e.g. volunteers).

The main feature of the category is that the whole team must ride as a group, with a maximum of 1 minute allowed between the members at the way points and finish line of the stages.

The Corporate Category has its own classification and a specific set of race rules. In the prizegiving ceremony a Corporate podium will be set up and the winning team will receive a trophy to certify its victory.


The Corporate Category fosters and strengthens relations among a company’s workers. Teamwork is essential to overcome the difficulties that the participants will experience while riding in the desert.

Furthermore, the reporting of the Titan Desert race in the media provides an opportunity to boost a company’s image, both in terms of external and internal communication.

The organisers of the Titan Desert have always promoted sport as a tool for improvement. The values linked to practising sport are effort, teamwork and the search for improvement, fundamental elements in the business world.

You should register individually and select CORPORATE in the drop-down menu of categories.

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