Acompañantes 2020


Don’t miss the opportunity to gift someone you love a trip in which you can share adventure, excitement and unforgettable moments in the desert.

During the trip, the people accompanying you can follow you and enjoy the last two stages of the race with you, watching you starton the last stage and welcoming you -now crowned as a Titan – when you arrive at the Finish.

This exclusive Christmas Pack includes an official backpack of the event, a langer and a large travel card for accompanying persons.

The trip includes flights to Morocco, all transfers, accommodation in hotel and haima, exclusive access to the bivouac and the finish line area, and the most important: the possibility of sharing the great experience that is the Garmin Titan Desert.

The outward trip will be on 22 April from Madrid or Barcelona and the return, together with the Titans, on 25 April.

Download a PDF with all the information.

Don’t think twice, gift your friends or relatives a trip to the Garmin Titan Desert 2020… a unique experience in Morocco.



Viajes el Corte Inglés, the official travel agency of the Garmin Titan Desert, is bringing you the opportunity to live a phenomenal experience watching the final stages of the toughest mountain bike race in the world, held in the desert of Morocco.

Take the opportunity to come along with your family and friends as they tackle one of the pivotal experiences of their lives, as well as watching the exciting climax of this amazing and memorable adventure on two wheels.

Spend four electrifying days watching the race first-hand and seeing from up close the exciting starts and excruciating finishes of the participants in this extraordinary cycling stage race.

Feel like a Titan when you walk around the camp and savour the nights in the Moroccan desert, sleeping in a haima under the starry sky. This adventure like no other, which will take you to a unique environment, can only be booked via Aventurismo!

Enjoy the contrasts and beauty of the spectacular landscapes of Morocco, as well as its vast seas of dunes, rich culture and friendly people.

Live an exclusive Garmin Titan Desert experience with Viajes el Corte Inglés and become a part of this incredible tale. What are you waiting for?

To find out more and get the full programme, get in touch with Viajes el Corte Inglés, the only travel agency that takes you to the Garmin Titan Desert: