The camps are located in the desert, generally in uninhabited areas and remote of urban centers. Some camps are located in areas with permanent structures that improve comfort and service.

The camps have everything you need to live. Baths, showers, restaurant, medical and haimas beds for 3 participants with mattress, sheets, pillow and towel. During the marathon stage participants will sleep in a large shared tent. We recommend a sleeping bag and mattress, that you need to carry during the whole stage.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are as follows.

BREAKFAST (5:30 to 8 am)
Milk, coffee, tea, cocoa and juice
Natural bread and toast
Butter, jam and honey
Fruit (no bananas)

LUNCH (12 to 5 pm)
Boiled rice, pasta and potatoes
Tomato sauce, grated cheese and canned tuna
Turkey or chicken
Orange with cinnamon and other fruits (no bananas)

DINNER (7 to 10 pm)
Boiled rice and pasta
Varied buffet with meat, pulses, vegetables, etc.
Orange with cinnamon and other fruits (no bananas)

*No specific products are provided for participants with coeliac disease or other food intolerances. Participants who require specific foods will be responsible for their acquisition and transportation.

The organization will distribute participants among hotel rooms and haimas in the camps based on the registered teams, categories and suggestions of the participants.

Women will be placed in haimas with other women even if they are part of a team or mixed duo, unless they request otherwise and form a complete haima in agreement with the other members.

No changes will be accepted after the distribution has been published. The organization will try to meet the requests of all participants, but it cannot guarantee it can do so in all cases.

- From verifications to the last stage (6 nights) – Participants sleep in haimas of 3 people each (except during the marathon stage).

- After the last stage (1 night)* – Participants will be divided among the XALUCA ERFOUD, CHERGUI and BELERE hotels in rooms of 3 people each.

*The allocation of hotels will be based on the number of editions in which you have participated. Participants with the most editions in the Titan Desert will have rooms at the hotel Xaluca, then at the Chergui hotel (400 m from hotel Xaluca) and lastly at the Belere hotel (3 km from the Xaluca hotel).

- A transfer service between hotels will be available throughout the day.

- In the camps, haimas are for 3 participants, except for the marathon stage. In the hotel on the last day, the distribution will be the same in triple rooms.

- Participants will lie in a big shared tent during the night of the marathon stage.

- Spending the nights of the race in rooms or other external accommodations will give rise to a penalty in accordance with the rules.