Where are the camps located?
The camps are located in the desert, generally in uninhabited areas and remote of urban centers. Some camps are located in areas with permanent structures that improve comfort and service.

What kind of food will be provided?
During the race you will find a varied diet containing nutritious food, rich in carbohydrates, with salad, vegetables, cereals, pasta, etc. Everything the riders will need to endure the tough race days.

What will the conditions at the camps be like?
The camps have everything you need to live. Baths, showers, restaurant, medical and haimas beds for 3 participants with mattress, sheets, pillow and towel. During the marathon stage participants will sleep in a large shared tent. We recommend a sleeping bag and mattress, that you need to carry during the whole stage.

How will we sleep in the haimas?
The organization will locate riders at their discretion, in Haima of three people, usually by teams.
If you want to share haima with a friend or partner that he don't belong to your team you can enter it in your registration questionnaire (through your TIME TO profile) before the close of registrations. There will be exclusive haimas for women unless one of them ask us for another location.

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