How does my bicycle arrive to Morocco?
The bicycle travels from Barcelona (Spain) to Morocco in truck by via terrestrial (transport included in the price of the registration). Bicycles must be delivered in RPM store about ten days before the race according to the following options:

They will be collected the week after the end of the race in the same store in Barcelona and according to the same options.
Those participants coming from countries outside the European Union can travel with their bikes in the charters if they have the authorization of the organization. Participants that travel to Morocco by their own they can also travel to Morocco with their bikes to the starting point of the race (it is essential to communicate it to the Organization).
Bikes in trucks return will not be accepted if they have not traveled in the going away, for custom permissions.

How much clothing should I bring?
We highly recommend bringing a cycling jersey and a a bib shorts for each stage, as well as a light windbreaker.
For the rest of the day you’ll wear shorts and light T-shirts. From our experience in past years you might take with you something a bit warmer for the night.
Don’t forget a swimsuit for the hotels and some of the camps.

Are VISA needed to enter in Morocco?
Most of the participants traveling to the Titan Desert don’t need to obtain a visa to enter the country.
Spanish citizens: Spanish citizens can enter Morocco without a visa. Just need a passport with a minimum validity of six months after the race.
Other countries do not require visas: As the Spanish citizens, nationals of the following countries can enter Morocco without a visa: Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Congo, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Slovenia , United States, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Nigeria , New Guinea, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Venezuela.
Other countries: The best option for citizens of other countries is to ask the Moroccan embassy in their country. You can also find information on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco: Website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

How will I transport my equipment every day?
The organization will take charge of this each day with a lorry. During the Marathon stage participants must clearly understand that they will not have access to their belongings and will have to limit to what they can carry themselves.
The transportation in the trucks is limited to one bag per participant to travel in their respective truck (According race number)

Will we be able to call home?
Many of the areas where the camps are located have telephone coverage and are located near towns. Even so, there may be some areas or camps where there is no mobile coverage.

How can I travel to Morocco?

The organisation propose charter flights from Barcelona and Madrid, and regular flights packages from Paris and London. Althought, for those participants who wish to travel to Morocco on their own:

Can I bring companions?
There is a program for companions for the last days in Morocco. The companions will be able to enjoy the last stage and the awards ceremony.

How does the assistance services work?
The organization does not offer assistance support (mechanical or physiotherapy) to participants.
Professional companies, external to the organization, offering such services to the participants of the race in the camps (except in the marathon stage). On the website of the Garmin Titan Desert you will find shortly a list of companies that offer this service.

Can I find sponsors?
Yes, sponsors may be freely enlisted and there are no special conditions regarding them.

Is there electricity in the camps?
Participants will have access to an area for recharge electrical devices located next to logistics truck.

Can I bring some food?
The organization includes in the registration all meals in camp (breakfast, lunch and dinner). However, you can complete your luggage with some cheese, sausages, etc ... or specific food for your diet.
Also consider that the refreshment during the stages are only liquid so the whole supplementary feeding like sticks or gels you must bring it from home.

Can I wash clothes in the camps?
Yes, it is allowed to wash clothes in the bathrooms. We advise all participants to wear clean clothes in each stage, it better prevents formation of sores.
We remind you that water is a limited resource and that is transported from wells that are several kilometers from the camp.

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