Before you start looking for brands or companies that might sponsor your Titan Desert adventure, we recommend that you clearly define your project. Think about what motivates you to participate in the race, your goals and the means you have to reach them. Prepare a document that you will present to your sponsors and accompany it with convincing arguments.

Prepare a budget

Once your project is defined, detail the different costs that you will incur. Take into account the obligatory expenses involved in participating in the  Titan Desert (like entry, the bike transfer, or the roundtrip voyage to Morocco) as well as the optional expenses (like mechanical assistance, the physiotherapy service or the photo or video pack).

In this respect, you will need to clearly define your budget, your financial means and the amount you will ask from the potential sponsors.

Make a list of potential sponsors

Before you start desperately looking for sponsors, try to identify them by focusing on your personal or professional contacts. Remember that large companies are generally harder to reach: concentrate on the brands or businesses closer to you, that your project is likely to interest.

Consider, among other things, the nature of their activities, what could be of interest to them, the arguments that could arouse their interest, and their financial resources.

Build your argument

The sporting argument isn’t always the most convincing to businesses and brands, especially if it is your first participation in the Titan Desert. Think about the media implications that your participation can have, in particular in the local media, and try to make your potential sponsors understand the positive impact it could have for them. Do some research in the local and regional press. Tell them your story and try to get a media impact that turns into a return on the investment that your participation represents.

Personalize your presentations

When you present a project, try to personalize your presentation. Make sure you make it clear, persuasive and relevant. It has to make them want to be a part of the Titan Desert and convince them of your project. Explain what your participation in the race could be and why they should sponsor you. Tell them about your experience, your passion for adventure and Mountain Biking, the impact it could have in the media, how you would bring the brand or company visibility during the race (jersey, helmet), etc.

Finally, do not forget ...

Keep them informed of your progress before, during, and after the Titan Desert and send them a report containing photos, publications, videos, press articles, or any other details of the race that might remind them that they took part in one of the most exciting adventures and their support was worth it.

The desert awaits you. Good luck!

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