When is the race?
The Garmin Titan Desert 2020 will take place from April 19th to 24th 

Is there any specific regulation?
The Titan Desert is governed by his own rules which are published on the website. It is important to read it before making the registration and consult if arises any doubt.

At what time is the start of the stages?
The start of each stage is at 8.00am.

Will the route be marked?
The route of the stages of the race is marked, except in the Garmin Stage or Garmin segments. It is mandatory the use of a Navigation System. It is only mandatory the passage for the CP's (checkpoints) & EH, so the race is also open to navigation.

How many km have the stages?
The six stages of the race have an average distance of about 110 km each. It is possible to face a stage of 80 km and others up to 140 km.

When will I know the route?
The exact route will be revealed the night before each stage. In January the description of the stages will be published with the exact mileage, start and a finish points and the altimetry.

What does the Marathon stage consist on?
It is a stage in which the participants do not have any external assistance in the camp and the mechanics and physiotherapists will be found at the end of the next day stage. Participants must carry everything they need to spend the night in the camp because the usual haimas are replaced by a large common tent; without mattresses, sheets or blankets (it's recommended to bring a sleeping bag and air mattress). And there is no access to personal luggage.

How will the check points be located and how many will there be?
Checkpoints controls are placed depending on the route of each stage. Although varying depending on the route, there will be no more than 4 per stage, and there will be communicated the day before.

How many water points there will be?
In the Titan Desert the water points are called Hydration Stations.
This depends a lot on the route and the characteristics of the stage, but the organization of the Titan Desert has planned that there won’t be more than 40km without Hydration Stations.
In addition, before the start of each stage each participant receives 3 liters of water to fill their drums and backpacks.

What’s on the Hydration Station?
Two or more persons from the organization, water with low ambiance temperature and shade zones.

What happens if I drop out of a stage or I finish the stage out of the maximum time allowed??
Participants who drop out any of the stages or arrive later than the maximum time allowed will be excluded from the general classification. They will be picked up (both rider and bicycle) by the pick-up car and transported to the end of the stage. They will be able to start in the following stages, but their times will not be counted. In case of a second drop out, they could not start in the following stage.

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