The Titan Desert will take place from 10th to 15th October 2021.

The Titan Desert is governed by his own rules which are published on the website. It is important to read it before making the registration and consult if arises any doubt.

The start of each stage is at 8.00am.

 The route of the race stages has been tracked, except for the navigation stage that has no signage. The use of GPS is compulsory, as is passing through all Control Points and Hydration Stations, so the race is also open to navigation.

The six stages of the race have an average distance of about 110 km each. It is possible to face a stage of 80 km and others up to 140 km.

 The race routes will be sent per email 2 weeks before the race.

It is a stage in which the participants do not have any external assistance in the camp and the mechanics and physiotherapists will be found at the end of the next day stage.  Participants should carry all they need to spend the night in the bivouac, as the haimas (tents) will not have mattresses, sheets or blankets (we recommend taking a sleeping bag and an inflatable sleeping pad).

Checkpoints controls are placed depending on the route of each stage. Although varying depending on the route, there will be no more than 4 per stage, and there will be communicated the day before.

In the Titan Desert the water points are called Hydration Stations.

This depends a lot on the route and the characteristics of the stage, but the organization of the Titan Desert has planned that there won’t be more than 40km without Hydration Stations.

In addition, before the start of each stage each participant receives 3 liters of water to fill their drums and backpacks.

  WATER, 1.5 L  
START 2 bottles  
HS1 1 bottle  
HS2 2 bottles Refilable 
EH3 1 bottle Refilable 
FINISH Served in cups  

It is forbidden to leave the HS with drink containers, which must be deposited in the bins.

* Remember to leave the desert and mountains the way we found them or better.

- No solid food is available in the HS.

- Each participant will receive 20 bottles of water free of charge outside the stages. These bottles must be retrieved from the designated place from the first stage (at the end of the stage) and until the arrival of the last rider at the finish line in the last stage, using a bracelet with a chip. These bottles of water cannot be purchased from the bar or restaurant.

-  Water and other drinks outside the race will be paid for directly by the participants in the bar or restaurant using their wristband, which will contain the sum of money they have uploaded.

Any participant who drops out during one of the stages must contact the corresponding checkpoint (CP or HS) or wait for the broom wagon.

The participant will have to sign a withdrawal sheet with the reason and kilometre point. This also needs to be notified to the Participant Service upon arrival at the camp.

The organization will take the participant and bicycle to the next camp by means of the broom wagon or another vehicle available at that time (the broom wagon can leave participants who have withdrawn at a CP or hydration point, if necessary, so that the people responsible for the point can take him/her later to the camp at the time of closing). Whenever possible, the broom wagon will carry out this transfer to the camp, but priority will be given to the most urgent cases.

The organization will not be held liable for any damage caused to the bicycle during transport. However, it will be carried out as carefully as possible. The bicycle can be transferred in the broom wagon or an HS truck.

Riders who drop out may start the next stage, but they will no longer be eligible for the classifications. They will have to complete the next stages within the specified time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race and the riders involved having to travel from camp to camp with the organization.

Riders who have dropped out of a stage will not be eligible for the general classification or stage wins.