Before registering, take the time to read all about the prices, payment terms and instalments, and what is included in each fee.

You should also read our cancellation policy and find out more about our Money-back guarantee, which can only be purchased at the time of registration.

Click here to go to the registration form on the TIME TO platform:


You first need to register on the platform to create a user profile so you can access your profile whenever you want to add or change your details. You will also be able to pay instalments and buys other products (flights, bike transporation, etc.).

If you took part in the Garmin Titan Desert 2019 or in an A.S.O. event and you have created a profile on Time To, you can access the platform with your credentials:

Note: All payments are to be made by credit card.

You will find two types of registration:
· One payment only
· Payment by instalments

Participants born between 1998 and 2004 will have access to the Sub23 price in one payment only or payment by instalments.

If you have access to a loyalty discount, you must ask for your code on the following email It doesn't apply to the special price (first 150 participants) nor to the Sub23 price.

If you have a code from an official store, enter it when registering. Not applicable to the special rate (the first 150 registered participants)


FIRST RATE 2.145,00€ (Registers from 151 to 400 or until 20/12/2019)
SECOND RATE 2.395,00€ (Registers from 401 to 600 or until 21/02/2020)
THIRD RATE 2.695,00€ (Registers from 601 to 700 or until 06/03/2020)
SPECIAL “SUB23” RATE 1,895€ (born between 1998 and 2004)

 *These registration fees do not include VAT. For billing purposes, in accordance with current Spanish tax legislation (Law 37/1992, art. 69. s. 1, no. 1 / art. 70 s. 1, no. 7c), registration in the race by legal persons or professionals in Spain is subject to VAT. Therefore, 21% VAT (payable by the company) will be added to the fee in such cases. Registration by natural persons (i.e. private individuals) is exempt from VAT in accordance with the aforementioned law. Invoices issued to people who have registered this way are exempt from VAT.


  • Race registration.
  • Transportation of the bicycle by land from Barcelona to Morocco (return trip).
  • Full-board accommodation for seven nights (excluding breakfast on April 18 and lunch onApril 25).
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical and nursing services
  • Timing
  • Geolocation device rental
  • Drinks during the race
  • Transportation of luggage from camp to camp
  • 20 1.5-litre water bottles outside the race (28 April to 3 May).



  • Travel to Morocco
  • Transport of your bike from your home to Barcelona
  • Extras in hotel rooms
  • Additional drinks
  • Mechanical support and physical therapy



The Photographic Service offers a photo package that can be bought before the race through your time to profile and includes at least 2 personal photos in each stage* as well as a set of high-quality general photos.

You can buy this pack using your time to account for €100.

After the race, photos will also be available from the website, where you can browse them and buy them directly from your on-line platform. After your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a password to download your photos.

*This cannot be guaranteed in the navigation sector or if the participant strays from the route recommended by the organizer in other stages.

LOYALTY DISCOUNTS* (participation in previous editions of the Titan Desert and/or Titan Tropic required)

- €100 for riders who have raced in one previous edition.
- €150 for riders who have raced in two previous editions.
- €200 for riders who have raced in three or more previous editions.

Special TITAN LEGEND discount until 20/12/2019. Contact
*Discounts not applicable to special rates (150 first riders and SUB23). These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

To benefit from a loyalty discount, you must ask for your discount code to the email is applied in the 1st payment at the time of registration or in the following installment payments. So you can request the code before registration or once you have registered.

"SPECIAL" RATE (first 150 riders): €1,895

€395 at the time of registration for RESERVATION.
€500 before 15 September 2019.
€500 before 20 December 2019.
€500 before 6 March 2020.

1st RATE (from 151 to 400 or until 20/12/2019): €2,145
- €1,145 at the time of registration
- €500 before 20 December 2019
- €500 before 6 March 2020

2nd RATE (from 401 to 600 or until 21/02/2020): €2,395
- €1.395 at the time of registration
- €500 before 20 December 2019
- 500€ before 6 March 2020

*From 20/12/2019, only 2 instalments:
- €1,895€ at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020

3rd RATE (from 601 to 700 or until 06/03/2020): €2,695
Only 2 instalments:
- €2,195 at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020

SPECIAL “SUB23” RATE (born between 1998 and 2004): €1,895
Payment dates:
- €895 at the time of registration to RESERVE A PLACE.
- €500 before 20 December 2019.
- €500 before 6 March 2020.

*From 20/12/19, only 2 instalments:
- €1,395 at the time of registration
- €500 before 6 March 2020


·          The registration fee can be paid in instalments (no extra charges or commissions) or in one lump sum.

·         Late payment can be grounds for cancellation of the registration.

 To complete the registration, each participant will have to download a scanned copy of his/her passport as well as a medical certificate (a template can be downloaded here). Both documents must be uploaded to the TIME TO online profile here before registration closes on 6 March 2020.


  • Money-back guarantee (€100): The guarantee can only be purchased AT THE SAME TIME as registration.
  • Extra services purchased after registration must be paid when booking them.


• Cancellation before 20/12/2019 at 15:00 will incur a €100 administration fee.
• Cancellation before 31/01/2020 at 15:00 will incur a fee equal to 50% of the registration fees paid until that time.
• Cancellation before 06/03/2020 at 15:01 will incur a fee equal to 75% of the registration fees paid until that time.
• Cancellation after registration closes (06/03/2020 from 15:01) will not give rise to a refund.
• The rest of the services offered by the organization (flights, bicycle delivery service, photo pack, ...) will not be entitled to any refund after having made the reservation and payment of these services
• Regsitration is nominative, personal and non-transferable. No change in the participant’s name shall be allowed.


The organisation is aware of the concerns of participants. Riders can therefore purchase a money-back guarantee that will refund their registration fees if they are unable to start the race. The guarantee must be purchased at the time of registration by selecting this option from the form and paying using the virtual POS.



You also have various options of scheduled flights or driving your own vehicle (taking a ferry from Almería, Algeciras, Tarifa or Motril).


The organization of the Garmin Titan Desert offers you the option of a CHARTER FLIGHT from Madrid and Barcelona. These flights are not included in the entry fee. Seats on the charter flights are now available through your time to account. 

You can book your flight through your time to account “buy items” section by choosing one of the following options:

A) From Madrid. Flight 1 (return) à Price: €495

B) From Barcelona. Flight 1 (return) à Price: €525 

COMING SOON. From Madrid. Flight 2 (return) à Price: €495

COMING SOON. From Barcelona. Flight 2 (return) à Price: €525

Once you have made your choice, pay by debit/credit card (the only payment method allowed). When your reservation is confirmed you will be allocated a seat on the flight you have chosen. No changes are allowed.

The flight prices include transfers from the airport to the starting point of the race and from the finishing point to the airport after the event.


The charter flight details are shown below. The departure and arrival times are provisional and may be slightly modified.

OUTWARD FLIGHT (Saturday 18 April 2020) – direct flight:

- From MADRID to MOROCCO*. 1 flight (departure between 07:00 and 10:00).

- From BARCELONA to MOROCCO*. 1 flight (departure: 06:00).

PENDING - From MADRID to MOROCCO*. 1 flight (departure between 07:00 and 10:00).

PENDING - From BARCELONA to MOROCCO*. 1 flight (departure 17 or 18 April, time to be announced).

RETURN FLIGHT (Saturday 25 April 2020) – direct flight: 

- From MOROCCO* to MADRID. 1 flight (arrival between 12:00 and 17:00).

- From MOROCCO* to BARCELONA. 1 flight (arrival between 13:00 and 17:00).

PENDING - From MOROCCO* to MADRID. 1 flight (arrival between 12:00 and 17:00).

PENDING - From MOROCCO* to BARCELONA. 1 flight (arrival time to be announced).

*The arrival and departure airports in Morocco will be announced after the presentation of the route of the Garmin Titan Desert 2020.


1. The DEPARTURE city will be the same as the RETURN city.

2. There is a LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS available, and they will be allocated depending on the flight you book through time to. No changes will be accepted. 

3. For capacity reasons on the charter flights, only participants travelling from outside Europe and the Canary Islands will be allowed to check in bikes. Consult the availability of places with the organization by writing to The other participants must hand in their bikes in Barcelona in early April 2020.

4. In the organization’s aircraft, you can only check in one suitcase per participant with a maximum weight of 20kg. Payment for excess luggage is not possible. You can, however, take one piece of hand baggage up to 5 kg, of regulation cabin size. NO LUGGAGE THAT EXCEEDS THE MAXIMUM WEIGHT ALLOWED WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Consult the rules on luggage:



5. Food and drink is not included in the flight price, although there will be a bar service.

6. The flight itinerary may include an intermediate stop.

7. If the charter flights are fully booked, each participant will be responsible for finding a way to get to the meeting point in Morocco on 18 April from 09:00 to 14:00.

8. If you cancel your enrolment, the flight will not be refunded. Name changes are not allowed either.


If you are travelling from abroad, or cannot get a place on one of the charter flights, do not hesitate to contact the official travel agency of the Garmin Titan Desert, Viajes el Corte Ingles. 

For any other queries about travel arrangements or transfers, contact Viajes el Corte Ingles at:



For more information about transfers and / or hotels contact hotels, contact Viajes el Corte Ingles, the official travel agency for the race. Once the race is over, we can also coordinate return transfers depending on your flight or to book a hotel near the airport.
And if you want to continue enjoying Morocco, do not hesitate to contact us!

Participants travelling on scheduled flights or driving to the destination will have to be at the gat20hering point on April 18 from 9 am to 2 pm to undergo the mandatory checks and attend the welcome briefing. The exact location will be made known at a later date.
Participants travelling to Morocco must hold a passport valid for at least six months after the race.

VISA REQUIREMENTS for Morocco depend on the country of origin:

- Spanish nationals:
Spanish nationals can enter Morocco without a visa. The sole requirement is holding a passport valid for at least six months after their stay.

- Other countries that do not require a visa*:
As is the case with Spanish nationals, people from the following countries can enter Morocco without a visa:

Andorra, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Congo, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Guinea, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela.

*This list may undergo changes, so you are advised to check with the embassy of Morocco in your country.

- Other countries:
The best option for nationals of other countries is to get in touch with the embassy of Morocco in their country.
Participants are responsible for getting information and acquiring their visas (where applicable).

Bicycles are transported by truck a few days before the race. Bicycles will be picked up in Barcelona and loaded onto trucks for shipping.

Riders travelling to Morocco on their own with their bicycles are not included.

Participants can get an "official box" from the organization free of charge to ensure that each bicycle takes up the same space, speed up loading and protect the bicycles.

These boxes are made of cardboard and measure 160 × 90 × 22 cm. The maximum weight of the boxes with the bicycles in them is 20 kg.

You can pack other elements along with the bicycle as long as the box stays under the maximum weight. The organization will weigh the boxes before loading them into the transport trucks. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the organization reserves the right to remove contents in order to reduce weight until the maximum allowed weight is reached.

To coordinate the collection of bicycles to Barcelona, the organization will ask participants to fill in the section on bicycle transportation (on a form) indicating their preferences.

When participants reach Morocco on verification day, they will have to pick up their bicycles (as delivered in the boxes) from the designated collection point. No material should be left inside the boxes because different boxes will be delivered at the end of the race.


There are four options available for shipping the bicycles to Morocco. Participants are required to indicate their preference on the form:
Option 1: bringing the bicycle in person
Option 2: delivery using paid assistance (check with the shop)
Option 3: national and international shipping by the organisation's courier
Option 4: shipping with the rider's own courier (get in touch with the organisation to manage delivery of the official box)


Bicycles will be collected at the end of the race and returned to the organisation's trucks. Participants must pack and hand over their bicycles between their arrival at the finish and 6:30 pm.
Once the bicycles have arrived in Barcelona, participants have 4 options for pick-up at the warehouse:
Option 1: collection in person at the warehouse
Option 2: collection using paid assistance (check with the shop)
Option 3: national or international shipping by the organization's courier
Option 4: the rider's own Courier


  • Each participant can check in one piece of luggage on the charter flights, with a maximum weight of 20 kg (paying for more weight is not an option). One piece of cabin luggage is allowed as long as it is within the usual size allowances and does not exceed 5 kg. Upon arrival to Morocco, the luggage should be unified into one suitcase with a maximum weight of 25 kg, which will be transported from camp to camp (extra bags or backpacks cannot be loaded or tied to the luggage; only one piece of luggage per person is allowed).
  • Luggage must be properly identified with the participant's name and race number. The organization will provide a card with the race number and a tag to identify each piece of luggage.
  • Luggage is transported on local trucks, placing one piece on top of the other and on a route different from the race course. Luggage should be abrasion-resistant and flexible to avoid breakage. We also recommend using combination locks whenever luggage is left unattended (either during the journey or within the haima).
  • The organization will not be held liable for any damage to the luggage or its contents.
  • Delivery of luggage for loading is done every morning in a designated part of the camp. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their luggage has been loaded onto the truck. This will take place from 6:30 to 7:30 am.
  • Luggage pick-up will take place at the designated place. Luggage will be placed on a plastic mat on the floor and remain exposed to the sun until the participants pick it up.
  • No luggage will be delivered to the participants during the marathon stage. It will be available at the finish on the second day.
  • The organisation offers the possibility of hiring a transportation box if you expect to be travelling with excess luggage. These boxes cost €300 apiece and will be transported on assistance trucks.



  • Each participant must have the material needed for the race. It is your responsibility to have everything you need. Here are a few tips:
  • A clean change of clothes (jersey, shorts, socks, etc.) for each day, packed in freezer bags or similar to keep it clean until use.
  • Bars, gels, salts and other energy and recovery products. These products will not be for sale in Morocco.
  • Tool kit and spare parts for the bicycle.
  • Maximum-protection sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses (including a spare pair). Goggles in case a sandstorm occurs.
  • Vaseline or other lubricants to protect the skin in high-friction areas.
  • Personal medical kit with ibuprofen, paracetamol, diarrhoea pills, oral rehydration solution, topical antiseptic, dressings and gauze.
  • Chargers for electronic devices (with adaptors if necessary).Power points at the camps will be limited to USB CONNECTIONS.
  • Headlight for nights at the camps.
  • Combination lock for luggage. Luggage should be locked whenever it is left unattended. Valuables should be kept with you, both during transfers and when leaving the haima.
  • Warm clothes for the nights. Temperatures can range between 10 °C at night and 45 °C during the day. The first camp will be located at 1,600 meters above sea level and the nights can get very cold. It can even snow.



LAPTOP: The personal material of each participant will travel with the luggage, i.e. in the luggage trucks where the suitcases are piled on top of each other and are exposed to the sun in the camps until the participant reaches the finish. As a result, we do not recommend travelling with a laptop.

DRONES: Due to the strict laws governing the use of drones in Morocco, use of these devices during the race is forbidden. The organization of the Titan Desert will under no circumstances allow riders to use drones in the camps or during the stages.

The organization of the race will not be held liable for any action taken by police or customs authorities against riders who use drones during the event.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are as follows.

BREAKFAST (5:30 to 8 am)
Milk, coffee, tea, cocoa and juice
Natural bread and toast
Butter, jam and honey
Fruit (no bananas)

LUNCH (12 to 5 pm)
Boiled rice, pasta and potatoes
Tomato sauce, grated cheese and canned tuna
Turkey or chicken
Orange with cinnamon and other fruits (no bananas)

DINNER (7 to 10 pm)
Boiled rice and pasta
Varied buffet with meat, pulses, vegetables, etc.
Orange with cinnamon and other fruits (no bananas)

*No specific products are provided for participants with coeliac disease or other food intolerances. Participants who require specific foods will be responsible for their acquisition and transportation.

  WATER, 1.5 L  
START 2 bottles  
HS1 1 bottle  
HS2 2 bottles Refilable 
EH3 1 bottle  Refilable 
FINISH Served in cups  

It is forbidden to leave the HS with drink containers, which must be deposited in the bins.

* Remember to leave the desert and mountains the way we found them or better.

- No solid food is available in the HS.

- Each participant will receive 20 bottles of water free of charge outside the stages. These bottles must be retrieved from the designated place from the first stage (at the end of the stage) and until the arrival of the last rider at the finish line in the last stage, using a bracelet with a chip. These bottles of water cannot be purchased from the bar or restaurant.

- Any other bottles of water or beverages consumed during the day must be paid directly at the bar or restaurant using Titanitos (see race currency).

Electric current (220 V at 50 Hz) and outlets are the same in Morocco as in Spain (continental Europe). Participants from outside Spain may require adaptors.

Each camp will have an area for charging electronic devices. The area will be supervised by organisation staff. Even so, the organisation cannot guarantee the full charge of the devices because it is dependent on a power generator. We therefore continue to recommend the use of batteries for GPS devices, cameras and other devices.

IMPORTANT! The camp charging service will be based on USB connections.

The generator is shut down at night to prevent nuisances. Please remove all electronic devices before 10 pm, when the service is closed and left unsupervised. Any remaining devices will be removed and can be retrieved from the Participant Service from 6 am next day.


Devices must be marked with the race number (sticker provided during the checks) and will only be returned to the participant whose race number matches the device to avoid misunderstandings.

Each participant may charge one device at a time or use one charge point at a time.

The following order of priority will apply: GPS devices, telephones, watches, external batteries, cameras, tablets and laptops.

The organization will distribute participants among hotel rooms and haimas in the camps based on the registered teams, categories and suggestions of the participants.

Women will be placed in haimas with other women even if they are part of a team or mixed duo, unless they request otherwise and form a complete haima in agreement with the other members.

No changes will be accepted after the distribution has been published. The organization will try to meet the requests of all participants, but it cannot guarantee it can do so in all cases.

- From verifications to the last stage (6 nights) – Participants sleep in haimas of 3 people each (except during the marathon stage).

- After the last stage (1 night)* – Participants will be divided among the XALUCA ERFOUD, CHERGUI and BELERE hotels in rooms of 3 people each.

*The allocation of hotels will be based on the number of editions in which you have participated. Participants with the most editions in the Titan Desert will have rooms at the hotel Xaluca, then at the Chergui hotel (400 m from hotel Xaluca) and lastly at the Belere hotel (3 km from the Xaluca hotel).

- A transfer service between hotels will be available throughout the day.

- In the camps, haimas are for 3 participants, except for the marathon stage. In the hotel on the last day, the distribution will be the same in triple rooms.

- Participants will lie in a big shared tent during the night of the marathon stage.

- Spending the nights of the race in rooms or other external accommodations will give rise to a penalty in accordance with the rules.

Any participant who drops out during one of the stages must contact the corresponding checkpoint (CP or HS) or wait for the broom wagon.

The participant will have to sign a withdrawal sheet with the reason and kilometre point. This also needs to be notified to the Participant Service upon arrival at the camp.

The organization will take the participant and bicycle to the next camp by means of the broom wagon or another vehicle available at that time (the broom wagon can leave participants who have withdrawn at a CP or hydration point, if necessary, so that the people responsible for the point can take him/her later to the camp at the time of closing). Whenever possible, the broom wagon will carry out this transfer to the camp, but priority will be given to the most urgent cases.

The organization will not be held liable for any damage caused to the bicycle during transport. However, it will be carried out as carefully as possible. The bicycle can be transferred in the broom wagon or an HS truck.

Riders who drop out may start the next stage, but they will no longer be eligible for the classifications. They will have to complete the next stages within the specified time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the race and the riders involved having to travel from camp to camp with the organization.

Riders who have dropped out of a stage will not be eligible for the general classification or stage wins.

All groups involved in the Garmin Titan Desert (participants, assistance crews, family members, press and staff) are covered by travel and accident insurance:

  • Travel and accident insurance: The duration of this policy is for the whole race. Before the event, we will send the schedule of the policy, as well as two expansion options for those who wish to expand their coverage. All participants will receive a memo with this information, which should be read carefully.

On the other hand, the bicycles of the participants that will travel from Barcelona to Morocco in the logistics trucks are covered by transportation insurance:

  • Freight insurance: this insurance includes all the materials transported by our trucks, including the bicycles of the participants. The policy only covers the contents of the trucks in case of accident or theft and according to their declared value.

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