The Titan Desert restates its social commitment by setting up the ‘TITAN LIFE by KH7’ campaign. It sets out to apply a series of measures and create awareness among the participants in the event to ensure that the passage of the race caravan and the peloton is sustainable and caring for the environment and makes a contribution towards a better society. TITAN LIFE by KH-7 is divided into two main parts:


Taking care of the landscape along all the stages of the race is a priority for the Titan Desert.
The Titan Desert undertakes not to generate any waste as it passes through towns and villages and other places along the race route.

To do this, a series of measures are applied:

• A team collects the waste (water bottles, etc.) that the riders may have thrown away.
• Even so, there are fines for throwing waste away: the rules envisage a fine for any participant who throws a waste product away during the race. To ensure compliance with this rule, all riders must mark any drinks, gels and energy bars that they carry with their race (bib) number.
• A Titan Life by KH7 truck will collect the rubbish deposited by the participants and the sweeper car.
• Clean bivouacs: Placing of waste bins throughout the bivouac. There will also be a team of 3 people charged with supervising and cleaning the bivouacs.


The Titan Desert wishes to contribute to a better society, endowing the event with positive values. To do this, we work on two large-scale programmes that promote better health services and give a high profile to social projects.

Titan Life Grants by KH7

The Titan Life by KH7 Scholarships set out to bring the Titan Desert closer to solidarity projects and offer models that encourage the development of society through sport.

Hearing again, to start living again

Through this programme, the Titan Desert has been improving the quality of life and health of people in Morocco for over 8 years, facilitating a study to detect hearing problems and drawing up a personalized plan for each person with hearing problems.

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