The Garmin Titan Desert remains committed to the people and environment of Morocco. It has therefore launched the TITAN LIFE by KH7 campaign, which aims to implement action measures and raise awareness among the participants to ensure that the race is sustainable and respectful with the Moroccan environment.

Safeguarding the landscapes and environments of the areas of Morocco that the race crosses is a priority for the Garmin Titan Desert. The organisation collects and recycles all the waste of the six-day event both at the caravan camps and on the route of the Titan Desert. The same happens at the Rehydration Stations, where all bottles handed out to riders are collected.

Rules are in place to stop riders from polluting the course. Before the start of each stage, items such as bars and gels are labelled with each rider's race number, enabling the application of time penalties when someone breaks the rules.

At the end of each stage, staff removes all the arrows that mark the route, so as not to leave any permanent trace on the Moroccan ground.

RPM-MKTG y la Garmin Titan Desert están comprometidos con el entorno y buscan generar concienciación en los participantes, mediante mensajes positivos en los campamentos acerca cuidado y el respeto por el medio ambiente.

”Join the TITAN LIFE by KH7 campaign and enjoy the Garmin Titan Desert experience”


The Garmin Titan Desert pledges not to produce waste on its visits to the various towns and cities where the race takes place.

This involves several measures:

  • Sign removal team: A team travelling behind the race will remove all race signs from the course and pick up any waste left by participants
  • Littering ban with penalties for offenders: The rules include penalties for participants who engage in littering during the event.
    These provisions are enforced by requiring riders to mark their gels and bars with their race numbers.
  • Titan Life by KH7 truck: A truck painted in Titan Life by KH7 livery will travel from camp to camp to retrieve all the waste collected by CPs and the broom wagon. Waste will be taken to a processing site.
  • Clean camps: Bins will be set up around the camp to make sure that there is no trace of the caravan left after its departure.

There will also be a three-person team in charge of running and cleaning up the camps.


The TITAN SOLIDARITY truck has been part of the Titan Desert caravan for several years. It aims to improve the quality of life and health of local people by carrying out hearing tests to detect hearing problems and devise an adequate action plan for each person right away.

The truck is manned by healthcare providers and has all the equipment they need to conduct comprehensive hearing tests.


As a novelty, this year the Titan Life Grants by KH7 are incorporated, which aim to bring the Garmin Titan Desert closer to solidarity projects and offer models that motivate the development of society through sport.

Titan Life by KH7

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